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How Does our Domain Name Generator Work?


Just start typing! If the domain name you are looking for is taken, you can click WHOIS to find out who registered it or the URL to visit the website.

We automatically add popular domain name beginnings and endings to whatever you type in the search box. Sometimes we will show a generated name as available when it’s not.

Behind the scenes, our algorithm does all the heavy lifting s you don't have to. We search our database of hundreds of different prefixes and suffixes to present to you the most popular combination.

Unlike other tools, we don't give you zillion options to mess with only the best results. To avoid overwhelm we also limit the amount of result per search to 20 combinations to speed further up the decision-making process.

Instant Name Suggestion
We know you are busy people, that is why our algorithm gets to work the minute you start typing. So you save time in your quest to finding the perfect name.


Integration with Popular domain registrars
We integrate with many of the popular domain registrars such as Godaddy, NameCheap and more to help you secure the best value for money.
Language Selection
Currently we English, France, and Arabic allowing you to have the same great experience in your local language. There are plans to expand our offerings in more countries if your language isn't mentioned contact us. 


Domain Name Availability
Not only do we inform you when a name idea isn’t available, but we also help you find the owners information so you can offer them a buyout offer. This strategy is especially useful when you have your heart set on a specific domain.
Popular Keyword Suggestion
Not sure where to start? No worries our algorithm suggest popular name ideas to help get started. Our advice is to brainstorm the value you want to provide or ethos of your project and start with a one-word description. 


Creative Domain Name Suggestion
Over 1000 combination is tested in milliseconds to give you a handful of the best name ideas to avoid overwhelm. We try our best not to overwhelm you with loads of bulky option, instead just a list of the popular names and extensions. 

What to Do Next?

Once you have your perfect blog or company name, we recommend giving your new brand a home online. If you are blogging, then we recommend using WordPress the CMS that powers 27% of the web. If it's an eCommerce store, you are creating then check this out. And finally, if the solution you have chosen is self-hosted then check these providers our community recommends.