In today’s post, we will look at some of the best WordPress maintenance services on the planet.

I;m sure you would have to agree with me that at times even 24 hours are not sufficient! When it comes to managing multiple tasks, you need to ace time management. With so many tasks under pending status, it is easy to get carried away. How many times have you not skipped updating your website and focused on other tasks?

It happens!

From analyzing clients’ requirements to strategizing, working on various marketing channels and managing associates, you have a plethora of tasks to be performed.

Managing a website is no less than a Herculean task. Running a website can be a total challenge, especially if you do not have the technical know-how and even simple tasks like taking a backup, managing updates and likes can consume a lot of time.

The bottom line – you’re not giving enough attention to your website as you should be!

If you want to make your website look like a properly managed one, it is essential that no matter what, proper attention is given to it – anyhow! Thankfully, there are some WordPress maintenance services available at your disposal today that would take care of all your website’s needs, making sure that it is all-perfect, up and running.

But, uncertainty still prevails. Are WordPress support services good enough?

Continue reading, I must say, I have a lot to speak.

Are WordPress Support Services Worth All The Hype?

WordPress maintenance services providing agencies generally help in freeing your time by taking care of tasks like:

Most of these tasks might look like you can manage them easily on the go and that you don’t need to spend cash in outsourcing these things. Well, maybe! Tasks are definitely easy to handle and you can do it, but what matters most is, how far are you able to manage these tasks alone? If you were not able to take care of these aspects till now, chances are high that you won’t be able to accomplish in the coming weeks too! Time is the key here.

Value your time and estimate how much are you spending on working on these updates all by yourself.

If you charge your time at $100/hour, and if you spend 2 hours a month on this, you are basically spending $200. Dragging the financial factor, website maintenance services today are available for as low as $100/month. And while I don’t want to sound like money minded, but you get to save $100 per month. Further, if you get into some technical glitch or bug, you can spend more than 2 hours per month too, and that’s what make WordPress maintenance services a big hit.

Now that you are convinced about the utility of WordPress management services, what’s the next big thing? Obviously, choosing the best out of several WordPress support and maintenance providing agencies that are available to us today!

How to choose one?

Read on!

Top 5 WordPress Maintenance Services


wordpress-support-by-maintainnMaintainn was founded in 2012 and is in industry for quite some time now. The team behind Maintainn is known for its ability to handle ad hoc development, site updates and security all at once.

From happily migrating the website to providing you a test environment and assigning you a dedicated developer, the team makes sure that you have a flawless subscription period.

Maintainn provides two plans – Premium Support Plan and Premium+ Plan. While Premium Support Plan monitors your website round the clock, maintain off-site backups and updates; Premium+ Plan also gets you free migrations, video tutorials, and a dedicated developer for an hour.


  • Founded in 2012
  • Two plans – Premium Support Plan for $49/month and Premium+ Plan for $99/month.
  • Premium Support Plan gives you round the clock monitoring, website updates and backups.
  • Premium+ Plan in addition to giving you the benefits provided by the Premium Support Plan also gives you free migrations, access to video tutorials and a dedicated developer for one hour.

Visit the site here.

WP Tweaks

wordpress-helpWP Tweaks is a well-experienced agency known for providing WordPress support services revolving around tweaks – including fixing bugs, updating plugins, optimizing the performance, installing SEO plugins and the likes.

WP Tweaks is known for its same-day service and charges just $50 for tweaks that can be solved within 30 minutes. For anything requiring more than 30 minutes, you can get a free quote from them.

The agency has three types of subscriptions at your disposal consisting of Standard, Pro, and Business. The standard plan allows you to get a tweak solved per month for $50 and you need to enter into a minimum 3-month subscription. Pro allows you to get unlimited tweaks solved per month for $95 with three-month signup period. WP Tweak would also take care of site optimization, spam cleaning and monthly security scan with this plan. Business plan costs $190 per month with minimum 3-month signup period and included additional features like plugin and theme updates, site migration and the likes.


  • Solves tweaks within 30 minutes for $50/tweak
  • Three plans – Standard for $50, Pro for $95/month and Business for $190 per month, all with minimum 3-month subscription
  • Standard Plan allows you to get a tweak solved per month
  • You can get unlimited tweaks in Pro plan
  • The Business Plan gets you unlimited tweaks along with other features like site migration, theme updates, and others.

Visit the site here.


wordpress-support-wp-curveWPCurve is what you need if you keep on facing small issues throughout the month. WPCurve gives 24 X7 access to its developers where you can get unlimited small jobs done per month. Besides, they will also help you in optimizing the site performance, security, maintenance and likes. You can submit jobs via mail or through chat and get them solved within 8-24 hours depending on the load that they have.

There are two types of plans – Standard and Professional. The Standard Plan gets you unlimited small jobs for $70/month for one WordPress website. However, if you want more comprehensive support, you can upgrade your subscription to Professional level for $99/month.


  • Get unlimited small jobs done for a month
  • Get jobs solved within 8-24 hours
  • Two types of plans – Standard and Professional
  • Standard Plan is available at $70/month and Professional plan at $99/month

Visit the site here.

WP Butler

the-wp-butlerWP Butler is a brilliant idea of Dave Clements, the man behind Do It With WordPress. WP Butler stands different from the crowd due to its ability to allow the customization of plans as per your requirements which help you in controlling the costs to a great extent.

WP Butler would take care of updates, scans, monitoring, and backups. There are four types of plans – Blogger, Business, Small Business and Enterprise.

Prices start from $30 month, making it very affordable.


  • Customization ability
  • Highly affordable plans starting from just $30 a month

Visit the site here.

WP Valet

wordpress-strategy-valetWP Valet comes with the extensive experience of 50+ years and is the perfect option if you are looking to have a backup, monitoring, and upgrade.

Their experienced team would walk with you every mile giving you the right business advice throughout in terms of theme selection, SEO practices and so on.

They have the most extensive plans which they come up with as per your requirements extracted from them in the form of a six-part questionnaire. Their Personal Plan starts from $250/month and Business Plan from $1750/month.


  • Highly professional and experienced team
  • Not so transparent in terms of pricing
  • Two plans at your disposal – Personal Plan and Business Plan
  • Personal Plan starts at $250/month while Business Plan starts at $1750/month

Visit the site here.

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, WordPress offers enough flexibility and user-friendliness to its users. Nevertheless, bug fixing, updating and security checks can consume a major part of your busy schedule. Having an extra hand in the form of a skilled team definitely, goes a long way here and takes care of your website on your behalf.

Even better, they give you the much-needed peace of mind and an extra hour or two that you can utilize for the better prospects of your business – which definitely cannot be outsourced.

Sounds good, right? Why not give the above-mentioned services a try? Have you worked with any of the above mentioned WordPress maintenance services providing agencies? What was your experience? Do let us know in comments.

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