Setting up a website may have become easier these days, but it is still not that easy managing one. You need to maintain a frequency of everything and the most challenging part is to keep up the security part.

WordPress being the most popular platform for website development is prone to hundreds of different security attacks. The developers behind are releasing security releases, but they will never be able to reach a 100% efficiency.

The security case is not just with WordPress. Anything on the web needs to be protected continuously and certain security measures should be in action all the time.

So, let’s face it! The WordPress blog or website you manage needs to be secured. There are certain measures you can take and keep things away from falling into the wrong hands.

WordPress Hacked Fix – Measures

I’m calling them WordPress hacked fix and here is everything you should learn about it.

# Backup

backup-websiteEven Batman needs backup from time to time, so you shouldn’t feel ashamed of using this strategy. At least, in the case of a WordPress website, using a backup solution is not that tough!

From day one, it is mandatory to keep a backup plugin installed and active. It should be configured to take regular backups of the complete website (depending on the frequency of the posts) and store them on other servers like Dropbox or Google Drive.

At the time when your website is hacked, you or the webmaster can easily restore it to the last stable version using the backup files.

So, the first and best way are restoring the website using the backup.

# Password

strong-passwordThe moment your website is out from the hacked zone, changing the password is the first and very important thing to do. You can even reset the security keys used by the WordPress and paste the new ones into the wp-config.php file.

In most of the security attacks, a weak password is a gateway. So, from day one, either use a tough password or use solutions like LastPass.

It is important to keep only one Admin profile on the blog and keep contributor profiles to author level only.

So, the second thing to do is to change all the passwords and change the security keys.

# Hosting

secure-hostingThe hosting company you’re trusting to host your WordPress website is the key factor to most of the things. The company should be professional in what they offer and they should have a decent profile, at least.

It is mandatory to pick a known host, even if you’re paying more. A good host has a dedicated team which is working 24/7 to keep the servers secure from the breach.

Once the servers are kept secure, you can have peace of mind!

Most of the good hosts I’ve worked so far are even taking regular backups of everything on your website. Their backup files have helped me to restore my website in past.

If the blog you own is a normal or personal one, then going with Shared hosting is a good option. But, if your business depends on the same, then I’ll recommend going with the Managed WordPress plans.

Bottom line, the quality and professional profile of the host you pick is very important. Just check their reviews before making a decision!

The third thing to do is to change the host, if it’s not that good, or ask them to look into the matter. They will definitely upgrade their tactics.

# Theme and Plugins

theme-and-pluginsIn a fresh WordPress install, theme and plugins inject functionalities in order to achieve a particular solution. So, these two gateways can even be used to inject malicious codes.

These two are one of the favourite gateways used by attackers. So, you need to ensure that the theme and plugin files are downloaded from authentic sources.

If everything is looking fine, then I’ll suggest you check the code behind theme and plugins installed.

There are services like WordFence, Sucuri, and few more, which offers complete checkup of everything on the server. They will not only find the cause but will even fix it.

# File Permission

file-permissionFile Permission is an element that handles the visibility of the Files and Folders. You can change it using the File Manager tool, and ensure that the Folders and Files are only accessible by authentic users.

A good host always takes care of this element, but you should still check it. As per the standards set by WordPress developers, Folders should be set to 755 and Files to 644 code.

# Security Tools

security-pluginsAs I recently mentioned, there are tools like Sucuri, WordFence which can take care of the security part. There are some free security plugins available too, but I’ll suggest you opt for the premium ones.

The free tools might fail to deliver the service, but if that happens with a premium plugin, you can, at least, have a word with the developers behind.

Yes, there have been cases when the security plugins have been causing some issues with the overall functionality and health. So, it will be a wise decision to invest some money and opt for a premium plugin.

# Professional Help

wordpress-helpIf none of these things is helping and the website seems beyond from saving, then it is high time you take a professional help. You can hire a WordPress security professional and let him/her bring back the website into the safe zone. One recommendation would be FixMyWP a company that provides WordPress Hacked Fixes.

Final Words

Using a good host, and keeping strong passwords in use, can keep a WordPress website safe from 90% of the attacks. However, there is no guarantee that any of these methods will work, as things depend on the case and how worst damage is.

In the worst case scenario, my last tip, taking professional help, is the best thing to follow.


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