Although there are hundreds of quality blogs covering everything related to WordPress, but still if you prefer reading and knowing everything from a book, then WordPress for Dummies 2017 will be found on the top, everywhere.

Getting a product praised by everyone in the industry doesn’t mean that you should go for it, without doing your own research. So, to help you out in the same, I’m sharing here the book review. Yes, the same book labeled as ‘Get started with WordPress’.

I hope you’re aware of the publisher behind these Dummies books and it is written by Lisa Sabin-Wilson, the co-owner of WebDevStudios. Also, the book isn’t a newbie in the industry as it has been available over six years and currently available in the 6th edition.

WordPress for Dummies 2017 Book Review

wordpress-for-dummies-by-lisa-sabin-wilsonIt clearly means, that you’re heading towards the right product, but is it really that well to deserve all the attentions? Let’s find out in the detailed review ahead.

What’s it good for?

The book is really a charm for newbies. The language is super easy and understandable by non-English speakers too. You simply don’t need a degree in communication to understand what’s written inside. This really helps almost everyone to understand the facts and tutorials, and get started with the WordPress.

Second best the thing is that it covers almost everything which a newbie is required to understand and get started with a new blog and also how to manage it.

The writer also shares her opinion and that too very clearly. It really helps in not only understanding the facts and process but also to understand every related stuff with the same.

If blogging is the work you’re looking to understand, learn and use WordPress for, then this book is perfect.

What’s it not for?

The book is definitely for people looking to get into WordPress based website development area. Although, it touches such pro part once in the last chapter, but it never falls in details. So, if you’re looking for those kinds of expert details or knowledge, then WordPress for Dummies isn’t for you.

Also, it recommends only a few host and theme providers which are super professional, super premium and thus, requires a better price. It misses out recommending the best yet affordable hosting and theme providers. This can’t be a bad thing, but considering the fact that book’s primary readers are newbies, it hurts the overall recipe.

So, you’ve to conduct your own research before signing up for a highly priced host. You can easily find cheap and best options which are totally fine for startups.

Brief description of chapters inside

Let’s look at the description of chapters inside. This will give you a brief knowledge of how content is divided inside and is it really that impressive?

Chapter 1 – The very first chapter, of course, offers a detailed introduction of the WordPress platform, followed by a detailed explanation of the difference between and platforms. Every newbie gets distracted by this very particular question, so answering it on the very first stand can be really helpful. It also explains how to start the hosted blog, but the primary focus is on clearing the differences.

Chapter 2 – The second chapter starts with the option to create a free blog and everything that is required an explanation for the setup process.

Chapter 3 – Now, once you’re aware of the pros and cons of the hosted blog, the chapter three is ready to serve the next dish, i.e., the self-hosted blog at, how to create, and manage it. The section covers almost everything which is required in a step by step guide, and also with live examples. You will get an answer to common queries like where to get the domain registered, where to get hosting from, how to deal with the installation, both manually and automatic (using scripts) methods. After getting the blog ready, it also talks about the common elements of Dashboard inside. 

Chapter 4 – Once you’re done with the setup process, the next comes the plugins, themes, and their formulas. This chapter four covers the same in very detailed aspect. Live examples are always there to clear any doubt which can arise due to theoretical information. The main focus is to help you run a specific kind of blog using the platform. 

Chapter 5 – This part is present to help users started with the WordPress based development. You’ll learn basic things of HTML, CSS, and PHP, which are driving the WordPress code throughout. There are no pro skills mentioned inside, just an introduction of how to start with the development. It also helps in understanding the process to perform little editing, without moving into many details.

Chapter 6 – This is the chapter which wraps up the information mentioned till last chapter from the very first one while leaving you with much-needed resources like top 10 popular plugins and 10 free themes. The chapter is followed by appendices, as usual.

There is also an advanced section before you reach the end, which explains advanced aspects and applications of the WordPress platform. It never falls in the details, rather, just offers a brief introduction of the same.


I would say, if you’re looking to start your blogging career or just a simple blog to express what you think or the pictures/videos you take, then WordPress for Dummies book can really be helpful. It doesn’t miss any part which is required to understand everything, but of course, it misses the pro things.

In my personal six years of blogging career, I’ve found a lot of issues with WordPress blogs, which are never fixed by books or references like this. Such issues can only be fixed by gaining a knowledge which is very deep and only an expert can have.

Nevertheless, the book is still pretty awesome for newbies and you must read it once. Also, keeping it alive for future references won’t be a bad choice.

Its all done from my side guys. I know you’re eager to start with it now. Go ahead and come back to share your side of the story. Will you?

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