Best Pixel Block Theme Alternatives, Competitors & Similar Software

A comprehensive list of competitors and best alternatives to Pixel Block Theme


Rabto Theme

Superb design and excellent user experience have made Rabto a popular choice for developing content-

Pixel Block Theme

Still looking for a theme suitable for your blog, magazine, or other content-heavy websites? Look no

Dalux Theme

Dalux is another awesome magazine theme from ThemeStop. This beautifully designed theme could be a g

Reported Theme

This fully responsive WordPress theme could be a great choice for your next blog, news, or magazine

Blinkr Theme

This is a feature-rich theme specially designed for creating blog, magazine, personal, portfolio, or

Square C

Choose the Square WordPress theme if you are planning to create a content-focused website. It comes

Wodog Theme

Developing a content-heavy website has some unique requirements. You need to choose a specialized th

Mastermind Theme

Mastermind is a specially developed theme for writers, bloggers, content creators, and other similar

ORNG Theme

ORNG is a premium magazine theme that is perfectly suitable for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and media s

Style Monk Theme

The Modern, elegant Style Monk theme could be a great choice for developing a fashion, beauty, lifes

Observe Theme

Getting more pageviews and keeping the visitors engaged for a longer period of time are two of the m

WPro Theme

News and review sites based on the latest gadgets and technologies are very popular among the intern

Bleep Theme

Are you searching for a grand WordPress theme for your upcoming tech or gadget review website? Bleep

Star Theme

Star is a highly popular magazine theme that can be used to create movie reviews, gaming, technology

ViralMag Theme

Viral Mag could be your best choice for creating highly popular fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, b

ScoutMag Theme

Looking for a theme to create a cycling, football, basketball, baseball or other popular sports webs

BreakMag Theme

Choose BreakMag if you are looking for a Buzzfeed-style theme that allows you to focus media-heavy c

Crunchtech Theme

Crunchtech is specially designed to create tech magazine sites for publishing news, in-depth reviews

Richest Theme

Developing a lifestyle magazine website could be a profitable business idea. The first step in creat

Mashup Theme

Tech news and review sites are a special type of website that has some specific requirements. If you

Distractifymag Theme

Here’s another viral magazine theme that could be an excellent choice for creating your next viral

Buzzmag Theme

BuzzFeed has created a trendy design for viral websites. If you want to develop the same type of web

Rawdrop Theme

The unique, attractive design of Rawdrop is perfect for creating viral gaming, health, and other rel

Bovds Theme

Bovds can be an excellent choice for developing fashion, entertainment, news, reviews, or tech blogs

Himmelen Theme

Himmelen is a clean personal blogging theme for developing superfast websites. You can use this them

Bimber Theme

Bimber is said to be a viral magazine aimed at those wanting to gain massive traffic from social med

Olivie Theme

If you are looking for a speed-optimized theme with a special focus on female visitors, this is the

Talk Mag Theme

Talk mag is one of the fastest magazine themes we have tested, and the results speak for itself. Bui

PepMagazine Theme

It’s a proper News magazine theme, with dedicated UI for the specific niche I just mentioned. It c

Steam Theme

I’ve been following TheVerge since it was in Beta mode and have never stopped following their work

Braxton Theme

Braxton is another fully featured magazine theme for WordPress. The retina-ready theme is perfect fo

Noticia Theme

Like other WordPress themes, Noticia offers designers and readers a simple and easy-to-navigate foru

Forceful Lite Theme

The first thing that everyone is always looking out for in a theme is to find one that has rich feat

NewsPaper by Mythemeshop

Content is the main driver of website traffic and therefore, you have to know how to present your co

Hueman Theme

Hueman is no doubt an incredibly well-designed theme. This theme is associated with Alexander Agnars

ColorMag Theme

If you’ve been looking for an impressive WordPress magazine theme to bring your projects to life,

Compass Theme

Compass is another well-designed WordPress theme and is a theme that attracts both website designers

Herald Theme

Herald was a difficult WordPress theme to build but one that is super easy to use. Some of its optio

Flex Mag Theme

The best way to describe Flex Mag is that it is simple but trendy. It packs a whole lot of different

Gonzo Theme

Gonzo is another recommendation for running a magazine website and it comes with all the required fe

SimpleMag Theme

A magazine website is the one filled mostly with the clutter but you can still have a minimal approa

Woodley Theme

It’s another top theme from our list of themes For Writers; it’s resembled default 2015 WordPre


Crawford is one of the best minimalistic free WordPress themes available to download. Perfect for pe

Mobile Pro

So, the last website among our pick of mobile themes is a mobile-specific website template known as

Ultimate Theme

Ultimate is a theme that is built with the powerful HTML 5 and CSS3 coding. Some of the animations c

Breathe Theme

This theme is a unique piece of template since it is based on a jQuery mobile format which means the

Now Theme

Now is a unique and beautifully designed WordPress responsive theme. The theme proffers one of the b


mobiTheme is another great responsive template that is highly sociable. By having mobiTheme as your

My Mobile Page Theme

My Mobile Page theme is built with genuine HTML coding with PHP and CSS integrated. The theme sports

Monolith Theme

From our best 10 WordPress mobile themes, Monolith is highly useful for professional bloggers and se

Noozbeat Theme

If you are looking for a modern magazine theme with SEO optimization, Noozbeat can be an excellent c

BitNews Theme

BitNews Is the great WordPress template for SEO it's super fast loading time give users the best pos

Foodie Pro Theme

This isn’t the only food niche theme from StudioPress but this one is my personal favorite. It com
5 top SEO optimized WordPress themes magazine

Magazine by Themify

Magazine theme is one of the best SEO-optimized WordPress themes around the corner. It is a retina a

Sixteen Nine Pro

Sixteen Nine Pro is another excellent Wordpress template to consider it's created it by the guys ove

HowTo Theme

When choosing a theme for your site, it is important to research and choose both an SEO friendly and

Tribune Theme

It is important to choose an SEO WordPress Theme that will be instrumental in promoting your site ra

MotiveMag Theme

For those who’ve used Motive, you’ll agree it’s an incredibly exciting theme that comes with a


BEATRIX Is a minimalistic Wordpress template which is aimed at you, zone e-commerce store owners wit

Creative WordPress Theme

Creative as the name suggests it is a template aimed at creative individuals, photographers, those i

Magazine Pro Theme

It’s known to everyone, how well StudioPress themes are optimized for search engine marks. Magazin

Daily post Theme

Daily post is another excellent WordPress theme to consider ideal for those who are looking to start

MagXP Theme

When choosing an SEO compliant theme, it is always good to carefully examine the features and see ho

Sahifa Theme

Sahifa is one of those themes that's super resilient and has stood the test of time release the way

Authority Theme

Thinking of creating a personal brand, then Authority could be the perfect theme for you. It’s mod

SEO WP Theme

SEO WP as the name suggest is actually search friendly and is aimed at online marketers. Out the box

Rise Theme

Rise is another excellent theme to consider it\'s built for blogging affiliate marketing and media c

Best Theme

Best is one of that magazine theme you just love it's created by the same guys that created Schema.

Yosemite theme

Yosemite is it elegant magazine theme perfect those running a blog which is heavily reliant upon dis

Performag Theme

Performag Is an exceptional WordPress magazine template which is aimed at increasing your revenue an

Schema Theme

Since the release of Schema, it\'s long been the golden standard for those wanting a minimal templat

GoodLife Theme

It’s a multipurpose magazine specific theme which holds two sports niche Demos, pre-ready to fit t
Share WP theme

Share Theme

This particular theme is best for running a personal blog which is general intended to share stories
Insight Magazine Theme

Insight Theme

Distraction is the thing why people love traveling, as it helps them stay away from it. If you wish

Marilyn Theme

This is one of my personal favorites and it comes with super cool UI, which is unique enough to make
Street Style WordPress Theme

Street Style Theme

This particular product from Nimbus Themes is perfect for running a fashion niche blog, which works
Jacqueline Theme Feminine WordPress Theme

Jacqueline Theme

This Bluchic developer may sound like a newbie to you, but they got some real good products, especia

Paisley Theme

It’s another template for running an online blog or a magazine, which is intentionally developed t

Capri Theme

The best part of this theme is that it comes at a cost, which includes the price for both themes an

Glam Pro Theme

This one is a brand new entry into the carousel of StudioPress themes. However, it’s a third party
Soledad Fashion WordPress Theme

Soledad Theme

After doing keyword research and every other pre-launch work, the final thing left is to pick the be

Candy Queen Theme

If you’re looking for a girl specific theme but wasn’t impressed by the previous entry, then hav

Girly Theme

Mojo-Themes has hundreds of products for WordPress and this Girly named theme is perfect for the nic

Kidshop Theme

If you are child-conscious and selling some great items for kids online then Kidshop will be your ul


Coming from Themify, Magazine is a multi-column theme with full AdSense support. Powered by the Them


The title says it all for this theme. It is created with a single purpose of helping you to achieve


As the name suggests, this is a dedicated theme for creating review sites. What’s more, the theme


DizzyMag is another premium WordPress theme with dedicated ad hot spots. The fully responsive theme


Truemag is a fully responsive, AdSense optimized WordPress theme. As the theme is specially created


As you can guess from the name, this WordPress theme is specially developed for creating AdSense web


One word that describes the Newspaper WordPress AdSense theme is “excellent.” It is also the mos


Pinstagram has been the webmaster's favorites for years and as continue to stand the test of time th


Have you heard of ViraNova? Well, you should have, Scott made millions using this very same WordPres


Grimag could be an excellent magazine theme for SEO experts. As the theme is perfectly optimized for

Point Pro

Point Pro is one of those WordPress themes that continuously delivers great results when it comes to


Socially Viral is hands done the best theme I have personally used that as dramatically increase my

MH Magazine

MH Magazine is a widely used WordPress themes loved by thousands of webmasters just like you. You ca

Extra Theme

Extra is a powerful and customizable magazine-style theme powered by the Divi builder that extended