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60 Best CyberGames Theme Alternatives, Competitors & Similar Software (2020)

Looking for the best alternatives to CyberGames Theme in 2020? That is competitive on price, easy to use, better support or a more complete solution?

Great, because today will look at the best alternatives worth considering.

In this article, we are going to look at the best matched CyberGames Theme replacements side by side based on our community recommendations in your industry.

Leverage the power of the crowd and discover useful and reliable CyberGames Theme competitors.

Whilst CyberGames Theme as a track record on our system of having great support the same can not be said about the certain features on offer according to our users.

There are certain flaws that might send you on a long journey, looking for its alternative.

Luckily, CyberGames Theme is not your only choice for WordPress Photography Theme. These days, you have plenty of options on the market. That might even be a better fit for you

Before we get to the list of similar solutions, looking at the data gathered on our platform our users love item for:
For their top-notch customer support.

Now let's have a look at a few of their lowest-rated features:

  • ->Lack of features compared to other solution in this category

Cost of CyberGames Theme

Starting From: $/

Pricing Model: Open source

Free Trial: Not Available

Promotional Offer: View offers on similar solutions

When looking for a solution like CyberGames Theme, you can expect to pay anywhere from $0 - $59 ( One time license)

Top Alternative to CyberGames Theme

  • ePix Theme
  • Keen Theme
  • Bow Theme
  • RokoPhoto Lite
  • Oshine Theme
  • Expose Pro Theme
  • JohnBlack Photography Theme
  • Photography Theme
  • Photo Me Theme
  • Collective Theme

If you have used CyberGames Theme, what's your primary reason for leaving?
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Ranked in these Collections

60 Best Alternatives to CyberGames Theme

ePix Theme

One Time License

Whenever you’re thinking of opening a photography site, you need to pick a theme that represents your art in the best way... Download/Demo Read Review

Keen Theme

One Time License

Keen is a minimalistic WordPress theme to help you show off your work in a clutter-free manner similar to a museum's experience... Download/Demo Read Review

Bow Theme

One Time License

Bow is an excellent WordPress theme for photographers to consider it allows you to display your photos in a grid layout If you've... Download/Demo Read Review

RokoPhoto Lite


My first recommendation is a product from a well-known theme developer, ThemeIsle, which clearly means that you’re getting a... Download/Demo Read Review

Oshine Theme

One Time License

It’s a photography specific theme which can also be used for other niches for sharing the portfolio purpose It packs 23 unique... Download/Demo Read Review

Expose Pro Theme

One Time License

Photography niche themes need room and Expose Pro theme offers plenty It comes with a super good layout which is both unique and... Download/Demo Read Review

JohnBlack Photography Theme

One Time License

UI is the prime attraction of the next theme in the list here, and it comes with tons of customization options The visual effects... Download/Demo Read Review

Photography Theme

One Time License

It is the number one selling product at ThemeForest in Photography niche, and after going through the features and its demo,... Download/Demo Read Review

Photo Me Theme

One Time License

This is another unique WordPress theme for creating photography, gallery, portfolio, or any photo-related website The theme... Download/Demo Read Review

Collective Theme

One Time License

When photography is added to a minimalistic layout, it becomes awe-inspiring Collective theme is the perfect example of the same... Download/Demo Read Review

Elegance Theme

One Time License

The design is the first thing to notice here, and it matches with its name, Elegance Every element which comprises the design... Download/Demo Read Review

Mauna Theme

One Time License

It is a multipurpose agency and portfolio theme which possesses everything to fit the photography niche At this time, six... Download/Demo Read Review

Quest Theme


If you’re looking for lots of customization options and a lot of power in your hands, then check out the features of Quest... Download/Demo Read Review

Diamond Theme

One Time License

The needs of photographers are rapidly changing, and therefore, it is important to select a theme that embraces modern concepts... Download/Demo Read Review

Yosemite theme

One Time License

Yosemite is it elegant magazine theme perfect those running a blog which is heavily reliant upon displaying beautiful images That... Download/Demo Read Review

SKT Photo Session Theme


Studios and photographers require a good theme that can clearly highlight their portfolios SKT Photo session has a highly... Download/Demo Read Review

Pixel Block Theme


Still looking for a theme suitable for your blog, magazine, or other content-heavy websites Look no further as Pixel Block is the... Download/Demo Read Review

Axis Theme

Open Source

This one is another theme for portfolio niche which can be used for any kind of subject It comes with custom menus, custom... Download/Demo Read Review

SKT Full Width Theme


Simplicity is the prime suit of this theme as it looks not just simple, but also holds a lot of easy to interact elements which... Download/Demo Read Review

Fullscreen Theme


The best use of Fullscreen named theme from GraphPaperPress is for photography niche It can be used for other multimedia powered... Download/Demo Read Review

SoftwareFindr Radar

The SoftwareFindr Radar compares all solutions on our platform in your chosen category and tries to segment them to give you a visual representation of the market. All the solutions are compared two-dimensionally which takes into account their FindrScore which is given based on numerous data points and research frequency. The average FindrScore for products like CyberGames Theme is 61 which we've used as a threshold to only show the top 10 solutions.

The SoftwareFindr Radar compares all solutions on our platform in your chosen category and tries to segment them to give you a visual representation of the market. All the solutions are compared two-dimensionally which takes into account their FindrScore which is given based on numerous data points and research frequency. The average FindrScore for products like CyberGames Theme is 62 which we've used as a threshold to only show the top 10 solutions.

55 FS

55 FS

52 FS

54 FS

55 FS

45 FS

86 FS

67 FS

54 FS

61 FS

Starting Price $59
Value for money 6/10 7/10 6.4/10 5.6/10 6.6/10 6/10 8.6/10 6.6/10 6/10 8/10
Quality of features score 6.4/10 7/10 6.4/10 6/10 6.6/10 5/10 8.6/10 6.4/10 6/10 8/10
Usability and Intuitiveness 5.6/10 6/10 6/10 6/10 6/10 5/10 8/10 6/10 6/10 8.6/10
Vendor Support 7/10 9/10 7/10 7/10 7/10 9/10 9.6/10 7/10 6/10 9.6/10
Likelihood of recommending
The reason for leaving
Responsive design
Drag & Drop Page Builder
SEO Optimized
Custom Widgets
Major Plugins Supported

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is ePix Theme better than CyberGames Theme ?

Ans. This is a tricky question as it all depends on your needs, but cybergames-theme as a higher FindScore than ePix Theme which factors in many data points.Have a closer look to see why? .

Q. Is there a free version of CyberGames Theme?

Ans. If you are looking for a free alternative to CyberGames Theme, then RokoPhoto Lite might be a good fit.

Q. Who are CyberGames Theme 's competitors?

Ans. Typically when users are looking at CyberGames Theme they also look at these competitors ePix Theme , Keen Theme and Bow Theme.

Q. Is CyberGames Theme a good buy?

Ans. This is subjective, however, so far users are having a good overall satisfaction with CyberGames Theme. One of it’s stand out features is and

Q. Is CyberGames Theme a good WordPress Photography Theme?

Ans. When it comes to WordPress Photography Theme, CyberGames Theme is ranked 37 out of 62 in that category according to 115 voters.

Q. What is a cheaper alternative to CyberGames Theme?

Ans. Currently cybergames-theme is well priced on the market but here are a few similar solutions to consider you can try There is no cheaper alternative for cybergames-theme .

Q. What is a cheaper alternative to CyberGames Theme for ?

Ans. There is no cheaper alternative with .

Q. CyberGames Theme alternative for beginners?

Ans. If you are after a more user-friendly alternative to cybergames-theme then you might want to consider CRAWFORD Theme which as a higher ease of use rating than cybergames-theme. .

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