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16 Best Aelia Currency Switcher Alternatives, Competitors & Similar Software (2020)

Looking for the best alternatives to Aelia Currency Switcher in 2020? That is competitive on price, easy to use, better support or a more complete solution?

Great, because today will look at the best alternatives worth considering.

In this article, we are going to look at the best matched Aelia Currency Switcher replacements side by side based on our community recommendations in your industry.

Leverage the power of the crowd and discover useful and reliable Aelia Currency Switcher competitors.

Whilst Aelia Currency Switcher as a track record on our system of having great support the same can not be said about the certain features on offer according to our users.

There are certain flaws that might send you on a long journey, looking for its alternative.

Luckily, Aelia Currency Switcher is not your only choice for WooCommerce Extension. These days, you have plenty of options on the market. That might even be a better fit for you,some of the best alternatives Aelia Currency Switcher are actually free!

Before we get to the list of similar solutions, looking at the data gathered on our platform our users love item for:
WooCommerce Compatible
Geo-Location Targeting
For their top-notch customer support.

Now let's have a look at a few of their lowest-rated features:

  • ->A bit on the Expensive side compared to other solution in this category.
  • ->Support only includes emails

Cost of Aelia Currency Switcher

Starting From: $69/Year

Pricing Model: Subscription

Free Trial: Not Available

Promotional Offer: See Aelia Currency Switcher offers

When looking for a solution like Aelia Currency Switcher, you can expect to pay anywhere from $0 - $99 ( Subscription)

Top Alternative to Aelia Currency Switcher

  • WooCommerce Multilingual
  • WooCommerce Customizer
  • WooCommerce Product Slider
  • WooCommerce Checkout Manager
  • Stripe for WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce EU VAT Compliance
  • Pay with Amazon
  • OptimizePress
  • WooCommerce Protected Categories
  • WooCommerce Private Store

Ranked in these Collections

16 Best Alternatives to Aelia Currency Switcher

WooCommerce Multilingual

Open Source

It’s a simple and lightweight plugin which does one thing It translates every e-commerce related elements to the targeted... Download/Demo Read Review

WooCommerce Customizer

Open Source

As you can understand from the name itself, it’s a plugin which offers certain customization options for the default... Download/Demo Read Review

WooCommerce Product Slider


I don’t think you need to know details of this plugin as it is very clear from the name itself The plugin is extremely simple... Download/Demo Read Review

WooCommerce Checkout Manager

Open Source

Our next recommendation is a particular plugin for customizing the checkout procedure only It can let you re-order, rename, hide,... Download/Demo Read Review

Stripe for WooCommerce

Open Source

Stripe is a known payment gateway and this particular plugin adds the same functionality into the WooCommerce driven e-commerce... Download/Demo Read Review

WooCommerce EU VAT Compliance


This free plugin adds the functionalities into the e-commerce store which makes everything compatible with the EU VAT system The... Download/Demo Read Review

Pay with Amazon

Not available

As you can judge from the name itself, the plugin allows users to make payment via Amazon wallet Before implementing the plugin,... Download/Demo Read Review



OptimizePress allows you to create highly converting landing pages which you can use to promote products on Amazon Is packed with... Download/Demo Read Review

WooCommerce Protected Categories


WooCommerce Password Protected Categories makes entire categories in your WooCommerce store private, and only accessible via a... Download/Demo Read Review

WooCommerce Private Store


WooCommerce Private Store makes it easy to make your entire WooCommerce store private This makes WooCommerce Private Store... Download/Demo Read Review


One Time License

WooThumbs for WooCommerce offers a complete overhaul of your product image gallery By installing WooThumbs, you open up a... Download/Demo Read Review

WooCommerce Show Single Variations

One Time License

WooCommerce Show Single Variations allows you to show individual product variations on the shop page, category pages, filter, and... Download/Demo Read Review

Discount Rules Pro


Configure dynamic pricing and advanced discounts like bulk discounts, cart discounts personalized discounts, user-role based... Download/Demo Read Review

WooCommerce Email Customizer


Create and customize your store’s order notification emails in a better and professional way using the plugin Email customizer... Download/Demo Read Review

Loyalty Points and Rewards for WooCommerce


The plugin Loyalty points and Rewards for WooCommerce helps you to take your business to its next level Create loyalty programs... Download/Demo Read Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is WooCommerce Multilingual better than Aelia Currency Switcher ?

Ans. This is a tricky question as it all depends on your needs, but WooCommerce Multilingual as a higher FindScore than aelia-currency-switcher which factors in many data points.Have a closer look to see why? .

Q. Is there a free version of Aelia Currency Switcher?

Ans. If you are looking for a free alternative to Aelia Currency Switcher, then WooCommerce Product Slider might be a good fit.

Q. Who are Aelia Currency Switcher 's competitors?

Ans. Typically when users are looking at Aelia Currency Switcher they also look at these competitors WooCommerce Multilingual , WooCommerce Customizer and WooCommerce Product Slider.

Q. Is Aelia Currency Switcher a good buy?

Ans. This is subjective, however, so far users are having a bad overall satisfaction with Aelia Currency Switcher. One of it’s stand out features is WooCommerce Compatible and Multi-currency

Q. Is Aelia Currency Switcher a good WooCommerce Extension?

Ans. When it comes to WooCommerce Extension, Aelia Currency Switcher is ranked 14 out of 17 in that category according to 49 voters.

Q. What is a cheaper alternative to Aelia Currency Switcher?

Ans. Currently aelia-currency-switcher is well priced on the market but here are a few similar solutions to consider you can try WooCommerce Multilingual,WooCommerce Customizer. .

Q. What is a cheaper alternative to Aelia Currency Switcher for WooCommerce Compatible?

Ans. If WooCommerce Compatible is what is most important to you then you might want to consider Discount Rules Pro or WooCommerce Email Customizer .

Q. Aelia Currency Switcher alternative for beginners?

Ans. aelia-currency-switcher is the highest ease of use then alternative item.

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Here is a summary of a few Aelia Currency Switcher competitors to help you get started:

NameBest ForPricing ModelPrice
Discount Rules Pro Overall RatingFreemium, Subscription49
WooCommerce Show Single Variations Value for moneyOne time license, Subscription99
WooCommerce Protected Categories Ease of useSubscription79
OptimizePress Features & FunctionalitySubscription-
WooCommerce Private Store Customer supportSubscription79

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