Changing Website Hosting? 5 Hosts with Seamless Migration Services

Switching hosts or migrating data can often be a daunting task, especially for the less tech-savvy of us. Luckily, there are plenty of web hosting platforms that provide seamless migration services for free when you sign up, which can include step-by-step guides, online and phone chat with customer service agents, and more to get you […]

WordPress Hacked? Beginner’s Guide to Fixing Your Hacked Site

Setting up a website may have become easier these days, but it is still not that easy managing one. You need to maintain a frequency of everything and the most challenging part is to keep up the security part.WordPress being the most popular platform for website development is prone to hundreds of different security attacks. […]

How to Use WordPress for Dummies

So, you have installed WordPress on your server, and everything looks good. But how do you use WordPress?To start using WordPress, you need to log into the admin section of your website. This section includes all the features and options to manage the website. Go to this address to access the admin area –, you […]

16 Powerful WordPress SEO Tips (That Actually Work)

Over the internet, you will find hundreds of discussions, debating whether the SEO is dead or not. As I understand most of the things, I think those who say, SEO is dead, never understood a bit of it!SEO is a technical thing, and so does a Search Engine, say Google!As long as Google is going […]

WordPress Security: 19 To Securing your Website

Sucuri releases a hacked website report for each quarter. Their latest report says that, of all the websites that were hacked in the third quarter of 2016, every 3 out of the 4 websites were developed on WordPress.If you are running a WordPress site and haven’t been hacked yet, you are very lucky. But how […]

How to Migrate Joomla to WordPress

Joomla is a powerful content management system, but it still lacks behind when we compare it with the WordPress. This comparison doesn’t make Joomla any less powerful, but considering the fact that WordPress powers more number of websites, has a better number of plugins and themes in the catalogue. This offers tonnes of extension options, […]

How To Open an Online Store in 5 Steps

Do you think setting up an online e-commerce store is a tough job? If you ask me, then, yes, it is a tough job!But, with the help of plugins like WooCommerce, we don’t have to go into technical details, and worry about the coding part!All we need to do is to understand how this plugin […]

How to Create a WordPress Child Theme Tutorial


WordPress Theme Customization comes loaded with a plethora of possibilities. Having tried a large number of techniques for styling my WordPress website’s theme, I’ve been totally impressed with the way things go. Child theme is one such stunning way of tweaking an existing WordPress theme for a fresh look and feel. In today’s post, I’ll […]

7 Awesome Books on Learning WordPress

If you’re the one who always prefer reading a book to get into the depth of any topic, then I complete get it. Even at the need of starting with WordPress, you are looking for a book. Well, thanks to the advancement in technology, we have two different forms of books, eBooks and, of course, […]

Simple Guide to Creating Custom WordPress Widgets

To be honest, it’s not your job to create widgets unless you have the technical knowledge related to WordPress development and related programming language to code. I’ll try my best to deliver a simple and quick guide on creating custom WordPress widgets, but unless you have related knowledge, I can’t guarantee that you’ll succeed.WordPress has […]

WordPress Shortcodes: What are they & how do to use them?

Well, the definition of WordPress Shortcodes is pretty simple, but you might have Googled it already. You’re here to get the detailed information on this subject, which was released in WordPress 2.5 version for the first time, and since then, it has become one of the widely used programming concepts.What are WordPress Shortcodes?To be conclusive, […]

Move Your Blog from to in 5 Easy Steps

There are significant differences between and, yet it is a good decision to use the .com platform during the initial stages.The latter one is easy to use, but it features tonnes of features, which requires experience to handle everything. I’m not saying one of them is hard, but the .org version features a […]

15+ Best FTP Clients – For Macs and Windows WordPress Users

Looking for the best FTP clients?You are in the right place because I have searched the web and done a lot of testing to bring you the very best.Continue reading to see my findingsFTP, or File Transfer Protocol, gets files from your computer to the server through a web protocol, and various FTP applications fulfill […]

How to add SSL and HTTPS to your WordPress Site

SSL is a certificate which replaces the normal HTTP tunnel into a secured one. Thus, the data flowing through the tunnel is encrypted in order to stay secure.Other than the security benefits for your WordPress website, having an SSL certificate can actually boost the organic ranking. Of course, a search engine ranking depends on multiple […]

Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress [FIX]

There are downtime moments in case of a WordPress website, even if it is kept under bulletproof surveillance. And, error establishing a database connection, is one such unavoidable error. The error is real and can affect almost any WordPress website. There are high chances that it’s not a hack attack, as most of the times, […]

How to Start a Blog in 7 Easy Steps

So, you want to know how to start a blog, right?First of all, let me congratulate you by saying that you have taken an excellent decision. Creating a blog allows you to know more about the topics you are interested about, and comes with several opportunities to earn some extra income.You need to follow these […]

5 Remarkable WordPress Maintenance Services 2020

In today’s post, we will look at some of the best WordPress maintenance services on the planet. I;m sure you would have to agree with me that at times even 24 hours are not sufficient! When it comes to managing multiple tasks, you need to ace time management. With so many tasks under pending status, […]

SEMrush vs Moz vs SpyFu vs Ahrefs vs Long Tail Pro

So you’re looking to up your content marketing game? Do better keyword research and competitive analysis? Wondering which is the best SEO tool to reduce the time spent on research and provide maximum results with useful insights? News in today’s post I will be looking at which is the best keyword and competitive analysis to […]