2019 Bitcoin Statistics, Trends & Data

2019 Bitcoin Statistics, Trends & Data From its inception back in 2009, bitcoin has come a long way to establish itself as the most prominent form of cryptocurrency. It has been slowly growing since the last couple of years and experienced a price hike bombardment back in Dec. 2017. Back then the value of a […]

13 Experts share their best tips for creating engaging content (that will attract readers)

13 Experts share their best tips for creating engaging content (that will attract readers) Looking for the secret sauce to creating engaging content? You: Heck yes! Great, you are in for a treat because today we’ve gathered some of the best content creators to share their valuable insights with us. For years we have been told content is […]

Wix vs Squarespace vs Virb vs Weebly vs Jimdo vs WordPress Theme Builders

Gone are the days when you used to create websites from scratch. These days, it is all about choosing a website builder platform and get started with a stylish template. These platforms prepare the groundwork and handle all the basics of creating a website. Thanks to these platforms, creating a website has become a lot […]

CloudFlare vs MaxCDN – What They Offer And How They Differ

If you came here to look for a simple answer between the comparison of CloudFlare vs MaxCDN, then I’m going to clear things up from the starting itself. MaxCDN should be used for features and faster performance, while CloudFlare should be used for enhancing the security of the website. It doesn\’t mean that MaxCDN doesn\’t […]

25+ Stunning Examples of Themeco’s Top-Selling WordPress X Theme in Action

Themeco developer has come up with a mind-blowing product which is available on the ThemeForest official compilation. X Theme is the name and it is priced $63. It has managed to win many awards for the community and also been used by thousands of users right now. Cornerstone is the Page Builder powering the theme […]

WordPress for Dummies 2017 – Getting Started With WordPress (Book Review)

Although there are hundreds of quality blogs covering everything related to WordPress, but still if you prefer reading and knowing everything from a book, then WordPress for Dummies 2017 will be found on the top, everywhere. Getting a product praised by everyone in the industry doesn’t mean that you should go for it, without doing […]

41 Avada WordPress Theme Real life Examples

It’s being more than three years, I’ve been recommending themes to WordPress users. And, Avada is one of those themes, which I’ve recommended on numerous occasions, almost every week. It’s a ThemeFusion product and is so powerful that it can fit in almost, every niche. It packs 100s of configurations which can bring functional changes […]

23 Common Rookie WordPress Mistakes to AVOID at All Cost!

Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced WordPress user you’re going to make mistakes. What’s important is that you learn from these mistakes and avoid them in the future. Here are 23 common WordPress mistakes you’ll want to avoid making.