Dear WPMultiverser’s, Together we’ve redefined how people buy and find software to suit their business needs. The old way of searching Google for things such as the best WordPress social media plugin is broken. Why you may ask, because over the years I’ve personally seen the rise of new and old blogs capitalizing on these types of search queries. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with this if done correctly. Which brings me to my point that these types of blog post are sometimes outsourced by a writer who has never used the plugin mentioned in the article. Other webmasters promote the software that pays the highest commission. Even sites that don’t use affiliate links as flaws, often post titled like “50 best SEO WordPress plugins”. Do you think that author writing many similar posts for one site has tested them all? So what exactly are these best-of roundups based on? The author’s opinion, experience with the software or other motives? I’m thrilled to announce SoftwareFindr a neutral space for open conversations where you can review your favorite software and reshape our best of collection list by voting.   We are still in beta mode and currently working on further improvements to our platform. If you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to get in touch. As the name suggests we hope to help business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs and even hobbyists make smarter and faster buying decision online.   We’ll continue to share our progress towards this vision, and look forward to aiding you to create more success for your business than ever before. I’m excited to step into the CEO position at SoftwareFindr, and I invite you to join in the conversation to read and review software. If you have feedback for us or have questions about our new platform, we’d love to hear from you at Best, Brian Harris CEO, SoftwareFindr