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AnyMeeting vs LiveWebinar which is better? (2020 compared)

Today we'll be comparing AnyMeeting vs LiveWebinar, to ultimately help you decide which is the best solution for you. The information below is based on real data from our community of users like you, giving you a truly unbiased comparison. In the collection " Best Webinar Software (2020 Compared)" AnyMeeting is ranked 6th while LiveWebinar is ranked 16th.

LiveWebinar dominates with an overall user/editors rating of 4/5 stars with 1 reviews, AnyMeeting user/editors rating is 3.9/5 stars with 3 reviews. This data is calculated in real-time from verified user reviews or editors rating if there isn't enough data for user rating.

If for whatever reason by the end of this comparison you are unable to choose between AnyMeeting or LiveWebinar, we have included a few useful alternatives like WebinarNinja based on our community recommendations.

As far as Value for money goes, AnyMeeting wins by 3.8 marks but LiveWebinar is also voted as the easiest solution to use

Without further ado, let's look at a detailed breakdown of AnyMeeting vs LiveWebinar

AnyMeeting AnyMeeting
(3 votes)

AnyMeeting has always been a reliable solution for arranging webinars and different types of online events As the tool works correctly with other popular CRM and email marketing platforms, you can... Read full review

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Comparison winner
LiveWebinar LiveWebinar
(1 vote)

LiveWebinar is a cloud-based tool that helps users manage online webinars, meetings, training, live streaming, chats, screen sharing, social media broadcasting and high definition (HD) recording via... Read full review

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Why is AnyMeeting better than LiveWebinar?

FindrScore (fs) The Scoring is based on our unique algorithm that looks at reviews, votes, behavior, social signals and more. Learn more

5 Reasons to consider this

  • AnyMeeting is cheaper than LiveWebinar
  • Friendly customer service
  • Compared to others the price is reasonable
  • A contender in Best Webinar Software (2020 Compared)
  • Has 0 highlight features
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Why is LiveWebinar better than AnyMeeting?

FindrScore (fs) The Scoring is based on our unique algorithm that looks at reviews, votes, behavior, social signals and more. Learn more

6 Reasons to consider this

  • Free Trial is offered to perform testing
  • Easy to use even for a beginner
  • Compared to others the price is reasonable
  • Offers free plan with multiple advanced features
  • Great features list
  • Has 6 highlight features
  • Has Whiteboard
  • Has Screenshare
  • Has Remote desktop
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  • Free trail, Subscription
  • $0 / 
  • Freemium
  • $15 / Month
low Mid High
After analyzing 16 similar solutions the data above show that Livestorm offers the lowesest starting price while WebinarNinja offers the highest entry price.That being said is also worthtaking a closer look at what's on offer because sometimes you may get way more value for a solution with a higher entry price and vise versa.


  • Value for money 76%
  • Ease of use 76%
  • Features & Functionality 76%
  • Customer support 84%
  • Overall Rating 78%
  • Value for money 60%
  • Ease of use 100%
  • Features & Functionality 80%
  • Customer support 80%
  • Overall Rating 80%


1. Whiteboard

  • AnyMeeting
  • LiveWebinar
  • 2. Screenshare

  • AnyMeeting
  • LiveWebinar
  • 3. Remote desktop

  • AnyMeeting
  • LiveWebinar
  • 4. Polls

  • AnyMeeting
  • LiveWebinar
  • 5. Invitations

  • AnyMeeting
  • LiveWebinar
  • 6. Chat

  • AnyMeeting
  • LiveWebinar
  • Support

    • Live Chat
    • Mail
    • Phone
    • Forum
    • Live Chat
    • Mail
    • Phone
    • Forum


    • Most Helpful Favorable Review

      Lea W.
      AnyMeeting has made it easier to meet with team members and clients throughout the country. I use the dedicated conference line and it was simple to set up. Source:
    • Most Helpful Critical Review

      Tom H.
      The problem is simple - resource hogging. The longer the software runs for a webinar, the more resources if consumes until it crashes, requiring a reboot midstream or rebooting in anticipation of the ...
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    Live Webinar - Most Advanced Webinar Software

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