When it comes to checking backlinks, there’s only one tool that comes to mind and that’s Ahrefs.  Which is probably hands down the best tool out there for backlink research as the amount of data they provide usually match my Google webmaster backlink results and also shows a few extras.  This is a powerful tool […]


This is another great tool to consider my experience with this tool so far has been pleasant the only thing I will say is it only offers data for US and UK. The data SpyFu holds on keywords, and a website backlink profile seems to be less on the domain and keywords I have tested. […]


If you are running a business that relies on local customers, chances are you will want to try Moz. They offer a few software, but I would say they are most useful for a local business like a Pizza shop and so. Again Moz Pro provides a lot more tools which we will get into […]

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is a handy keyword research tool that popularized the concept of Keyword Competitiveness and is heavily used by internet marketers. As the name indicates, this tool helps the users to find out long term keywords from a set of primary keywords. Who is it for? If you are in the internet marketing, […]


SEMrush there’s a wide array of things from allow you to track your search engine ranking daily live updates. They also send you a weekly report on your search engine presence, social presence, and website audit. The list goes on later I will tell you how I used SEMrush to generate millions of free traffic […]