Amazing Statistics on Blogging

Even in 2018, blogging is a force to reckon with. And, why not? It has always been a way for businesses to reach their audience and individuals to express them online. Even B2B marketers are using blogging to improve their marketing efforts.

In today’s article, we will be going through the data associated with blogging. This blogging stats will help you to improve your work and also understand its impact on the current market.

This article will not only help an established marketer but also anyone who is thinking of starting their blogging career. Before we start, we want to mention that the blogging trend is changing towards a positive direction. More and more marketers are taking advantage of business blogging to bring traffic. It is also useful in getting leads and improve the business’s game altogether. So, without any delay, let’s get started with the blogging statistics below.

The Impact of Blogs

Blogs are a big part of the internet. From people casually surfing the internet to large corporate entities looking to make a profit from the digital revolution, blogs affect all spheres of demographics on the World Wide Web. The impact of blogs is not something to be taken for granted.

14% of all bloggers make their living through blogging.

Statistics on Bloggers

A blog is essentially the brainchild of the blogger. It helps the blogger to leave an imprint and perhaps gain recognition from audiences across the globe. Here is a more numeric outlook on these bloggers.

Blogs effect on Companies

  • Companies have started to realize the potential of having a blog to supplement their product or service based website. Just look at these figures to see for yourself.

    B2B marketers use blogs 75% of the time, with the figure being around 61% for B2C marketers.

Readers and Blog Posts

A blog would be nothing without its reader. But surprisingly there seems to be a trend as to how people read or interact while reading blog posts. This statistics will help you get a better understanding of reader behavior.

70% to 80% of all users ignore paid ads and focus on organic results.

Blog Facts

All the numbers till now clearly prove that blogs have a noticeable imprint on the internet. However, the most popular or common types of blogs do share some similar traits. If you are interested in the matter then here are some more miscellaneous facts about blogs.


This is it for this short list of some amazing blogging statistics. We hope you found this read to be helpful. And if you did, and you also happen to be among the 94% of people who shares blog posts to benefit other readers, then please do pass this post along. Also comment below if you wish to add some more amazing numerics that was missing from the list.