20 Youtubers Reveals: Best YouTube SEO Tools for (2018)

A comprehensive list of 20 Youtubers Reveals: Best YouTube SEO Tools for (2018) according to 20 users.
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  • 14 November 2018
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With videos becoming more relevant in 2018, it is no surprise that marketers are focusing on video marketing. Also, it is no doubt that Youtube stays as the number one choice for marketers to reach a new audience and promote their brand. That’s why, in this article, we will be focusing on the best youtube SEO tools out there. These tools will help you to optimize your video and make it perform better in Youtube search. With Video on the path to drive 80% of the internet traffic by 2021, it is the best time for marketers to start focusing on video marketing. So, what things you should consider when picking the best Youtube SEO tools. Let’s get started.

Things to consider

YouTube SEO tools come with tons of features. However, which one you should look out for? Let’s check them below.
  1. Video marketing support: The tool should have an adequate video marketing support. This means it should enable you to build an audience and give you ways to implement your video marketing tactics.
  2. Insights and analytics: The tool should be able to provide out proper insights on your video marketing. It should report engagement, brand mentions and other important metrics that will help you refine your strategy in a much better way.
  3. Promotion: YouTube SEO tools must have proper promotion features. It should let you automate sharing to different social media platforms and other environments.
  4. Streamline workflow: Video creation is not a small job. It requires proper planning and execution. And, that’s why the tool you choose should have proper workflow management which will not only help you create great content but also promote it.
  5. Auditing: Auditing your YouTube channel can help you understand your YouTube channel and improve it in future.
 That’s it. These five features will help you get the best YouTube SEO tools. But, they are not everything you should look for. You might have a different requirement, and it is fine if you pick the one that fits your needs.

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LETS HAVE A LOOK AT 20 Youtubers Reveals: Best YouTube SEO Tools for (2018)

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Key Features :

  • • Video Scorecard
  • • Trending Videos
  • • SEO Title Recommendations
  • • Description Recommendations
  • • Tag Recommendations
  • • Video Analytics

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NameEditor’s RatingPricing Model
TubeBuddy3.8/5Freemium, Subscription
VidIQ3.8/5Freemium, Subscription

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