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Making that wedding day extra special is probably a big priority for the couples, who are planning to tie the knot in the near future. Yet, making good preparations for the same isn’t an easy task either. Fortunately, the internet can help ease the burden of couples through Personal Wedding Websites. Until the recent past, a personal wedding website was considered only to be a rare novelty, with most couples either opting for a social networking announcement or the traditional paper card invitation to tell people that they were about to marry in the near future. But, with the host of advantages offered by a personal wedding website easily superseding other methods, the former is now becoming increasingly preferred by many new couples. From some wonderfully designed wedding day countdown timers to RSVP and social media invitation integration options, the convenience offered to a couple by a wedding website just can’t be ignored any more.

To cater this growing need for personal wedding websites, several free and paid WordPress themes are on offer from many developers. But, among the multitude of choices, making a pick that suits the unique personality of a couple is certainly not the simplest of tasks either. So, to make it easy for couples to choose the right WordPress theme for their own wonderful Personal Wedding Website, the (…….) team has compiled a list of the best themes as follows.

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    Wedding Suite Theme

    Wedding Suite is perhaps one of the most user-friendly wedding themes out there. With a variety of tools and widgets, this theme allows couples to add custom posts with impressive typography and desig …. Read full review
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    Style Monk Theme

    The Modern, elegant Style Monk theme could be a great choice for developing a fashion, beauty, lifestyle, or entertainment blog. With complete focus on delivering a better user experience and generati …. Read full review
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    Perfect Couple Theme

    Perfect Couple is perhaps one of the most glorious WordPress wedding themes available. It’s simple, yet eye-catching intro page with a custom picture is meant to give couples the attention that they …. Read full review
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    Bridge Theme


    I’ve personally used this theme, so I’m aware of how powerful it is, and no surprise, it is among the bestsellers at ThemeForest. it comes with a cool UI to deliver …. Read full review

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    Wedding Industry Theme

    Wedding Industry is perhaps one of the most user-friendly wedding themes out there. With a variety of tools and widgets, this theme allows couples to add custom posts with impressive typography and de …. Read full review
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    Enfold Theme


    Enfold is your answer if you’re looking for a custom Drag & Drop page builder and the theme itself is a custom product to fit any niche. It comes with all sets of …. Read full review

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    The Wedding Day Theme


    Whether you’re a wedding planner or you’re looking to create a website for your own marriage, this particular theme is perfect for both. It comes with a gorgeous and …. Read full review

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    Fullpane WordPress Theme

    Fullpane Theme


    Themify is among those theme developers which always come up with super cool and elegant looking designs, and this Fullpane is no exception. It comes with the one-page l …. Read full review

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    Marriage Theme

    If you are opting on entertaining a classical style in their wedding website, Marriage could serve as an ideal theme. With a multitude of color and style options, Marriage also provides users the opti …. Read full review
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    Jupiter Theme

    Having a multipurpose theme for your business is always a good idea. Jupiter is known for its multipurpose capabilities which make it an ideal theme for many modern day businesses. This elegant and we …. Read full review
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    Soul theme

    A unique blend of simplicity and modernity, Soul is perhaps one of the best wedding themes in terms of functionality. Soul offers one of the biggest varieties of customization tools for users and allo …. Read full review
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    Oshine Theme


    It’s a photography specific theme which can also be used for other niches for sharing the portfolio purpose. It packs 23 unique demos which are all one-click away from …. Read full review

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    Wedding Engine Theme

    WeddingEngine is surely among a complete WordPress wedding themes, providing users a wide range of options to suit their budget. The theme offers a range of customization tools for users to make the w …. Read full review
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    BeTheme is one of the most popular multipurpose WordPress themes. The feature-rich theme comes with useful SEO tools which can be useful in getting better ranking for your website. Being fully compati …. Read full review
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    Game Over theme

    Game Over is perhaps one of the easiest wedding themes on offer. Incorporating an easy drag and drop page builder, users can make several custom designs to fit their preferences. With an endless choic …. Read full review
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    Yosemite theme

    Yosemite is it elegant magazine theme perfect those running a blog which is heavily reliant upon displaying beautiful images. That means that I can see this template working perfectly for photographer …. Read full review
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    Wedding Theme

    This highly responsive WordPress theme has multiple customization options, making it absolutely feasible for use as a weddin …. Read full review
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    XOXO Theme

    Perhaps $44 won’t even buy you a simple wedding cake, but it’s enough to get you one of the best WordPress wedding themes: XOXO. This wonderfully designed WordPress theme can give users so many option …. Read full review
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    Wedding Vow Theme

    The Wedding Vow WordPress theme is a wonderful mix of contemporary, classic and creative elements that make it delightfully unique in several ways. Users can easily choose their style for their person …. Read full review
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    The7 Theme


    Out of the few known ways to stand out from the crowd, design is one of them. And The7 is one of those capable themes, which allows the webmaster to create any possible …. Read full review

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    Match Theme

    Match is an ideal WordPress theme that is specifically designed for people in the wedding industry. If you want to have an at …. Read full review
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    With over 90k sales, X is clearly one of the best selling and most powerful themes out there, and it offers a good number of one-page layouts, which are both easy to pic …. Read full review

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    Gittys Theme

    If you prefer a modern appearance for your personal wedding website then Gittys should be on top of your priority. Encompassing a simple yet colorful modern outlook, Gittys features several unique fea …. Read full review
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    FWRD Theme


    It’s a specific theme designed for music bands and musicians, and it does come with diffe …. Read full review

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    Wedding Style Theme

    If you are looking to build a simple and welcoming wedding website for your visitors then Wedding Styles should serve you adequately. Among the free wedding themes, Wedding Style should probably be am …. Read full review
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    Nobel Theme


    If you’re running an agency or having a client with that requirement, then Nobel can be your perfect choice as it can be used to create a digital profile or also a por …. Read full review

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    Sugar and Spice Theme

    This chic, feminine theme could be one of the best choices for creating your next wedding blog, event management or any festival website. The simple, elegant design will offer a warm welcome to the vi …. Read full review
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    LFA Theme

    LEA is another excellent template to consider built under Bootstrap framework version 3.3 you get a theme that’s developed with a mobile first design approach. Giving your users optimal experience acr …. Read full review
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    Pixel Block Theme

    Still looking for a theme suitable for your blog, magazine, or other content-heavy websites? Look no further as Pixel Block is the type of theme you are looking for. Feature two of your most popular p …. Read full review
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    QOON Theme

    QOON is an award-winning creative theme for developing portfolio, agency, business, or corporate websites. The highly optimized theme follows all the SEO best practices like rich snippet support, …. Read full review
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    Divi Theme

    There are thousands of WordPress themes out there. But only a few of these remained useful over the years. Read full review
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    Brando Theme


    Brando is a One-Page theme that can be used for multiple purposes, thanks to the level of customization it offers. The layout is responsive and there is a dedicated layo …. Read full review

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    Extra Theme

    Extra is a powerful and customizable magazine-style theme powered by the Divi builder that extended in new and exciting ways that focus on the needs of bloggers and online publications. Extra is like …. Read full review
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    Salient Theme

    It is important to choose a WordPress theme with maximum SEO optimization capabilities. Salient does not only have a powerful SEO feature but is also coded excellently to ensure fast loading on multip …. Read full review
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    Photocrati Theme


    It’s an extremely popular product, specifically designed to support all the photography niche’s needs and believe me, it covers them all. It comes with a platform th …. Read full review