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YouTube is not the only video community, as there are also other contenders over the internet. Vimeo is one of them which is as popular as YouTube, and it’s known because of its cool UI.

Embedding a video uploaded to Vimeo doesn’t require any plugin to work with, but still if you’re looking to get better features and more functionalities, then going with a plugin is the best solution.

So, here today I’m writing this compilation of best Vimeo WordPress plugins. These are the best picks, based on their popularity, reviews, and ratings.

Let’s see if any of these plugins can fit in with the specific requirements you have.

  1. 1

    Video Gallery WordPress Plugin


    If simplicity isn’t the only thing you are looking for and require a lot of functionalities, then check out our third contender, which is currently a trending product …. Read full review

  2. 2



    It’s a premium plugin which takes care of every functionality one might require from a slider plugin. And, this is the reason why it’s being used by tons of other pr …. Read full review

  3. 3

    Carousel Anything for Visual Composer


    If you’ve purchased and implemented Visual Composer separately, then here is a premium plugin that can add Carousel functionalities to anything within this Read full review

  4. 4

    Youtube Vimeo Popup Plugin

    It’s an extremely simple plugin which does a specific thing. It attaches a video to a particular element on a webpage which when clicked, can pop-up the video from YouTube or Vimeo and it starts pla …. Read full review
  5. 5



    It’s a highly recommended plugin, and it can publish the Vimeo videos in a more interactive way than normal. It is fre …. Read full review

  6. 6

    WordPress Vimeo videos


    This is the last recommendation which can be used for free, initially but to gain the premium add-ons and functionalities; you need to pay. It primary supports Vimeo pla …. Read full review

  7. 7

    Vimeo Master


    Our next recommendation is developed using the minimal code and that too using HTML5. It clearly means that the plugin is extremely lightweight, extremely modern, secure …. Read full review

  8. 8

    Fluid Video Embeds

    If you are a getting a weird error while embedding a YouTube or Vimeo video, i.e., video not adjusting to the screen size of a mobile device, then this is the particular plugin that can help. It doesn …. Read full review
  9. 9



    Adding a custom looking video player which still works with YouTube is everyone’s dream. If that’s exactly what you’re looking for, then check out what reEmbed has …. Read full review