23 Best WordPress Video Themes 2020 in United States

A comprehensive list of 23 Best WordPress Video Themes 2020 according to 48 users.
With 23 options to consider you are sure to find the right one for you.

  • 21 January 2020
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Today I will present to you the very best WordPress video themes

To create amazing websites to keep visitors engaged and watch for hours, So

If you always wanted to create a website to house audiovisual content, but never knew which template to choose, this article is for you. Whether you want to upload your own videos or find some on the Internet, you will need a template capable of handling your content and make it clear and easy to watch.

We made you a selection of the best WordPress themes for video, to make sure your website is nice, able to handle any content and will generate a lot of traffic.

LETS HAVE A LOOK AT 23 Best WordPress Video Themes 2020

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Voted The BEST



(2 votes)

If you’ve been sitting and waiting for a unique concept till now, then check out VYSUAL, and the feature it comes … Read full review

Vlog Theme

10 in 23 Best WordPress Gaming Community Themes (2020 Compared)



(1 vote)

Video is quickly becoming the most popular type of content Both the video-sharing platforms and social media platforms … Read full review

Templatic Video Theme



(0 votes)

Templatic Video Theme is a fully featured WordPress theme for creating any video-based website You can use this theme … Read full review

BEBO Theme

1 in 23+ Best WordPress Themes for Writers & Authors 2020



(2 votes)

BEBO is perfectly ideal for creating the website successfully for an online bookstore It is a WooCommerce-powered … Read full review

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23 Best WordPress Video Themes 2020 Comparison Summary

RankNameRatingPricePricing Model
1VYSUAL Theme 3.8/5One time license
2Snaptube Theme 3.9/5One time license
3Vlog Theme 4/5One time license
4Templatic Video Theme 3.5/5Subscription
5BEBO Theme 3.4/5One time license

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best free WordPress Video Theme ?

Ans. Our users have voted that VYSUAL Theme is the preferred free webinar software.

Q. Which is commonly used for WordPress?

Ans.Over [x%] over users surveyed recommended VYSUAL Theme

Q. How much does a WordPress cost?

Ans. Looking at the data collected on our platform the average starting price is $ / and one_time_license .

Q. What is the WordPress Video Theme with [feature]? (do for top 3 features)

Ans. The results are in and over a [insert number of users] as cast their votes and [insert top product with that feature] is the recommended choice.

Q. What is the WordPress Video Theme in India?

Ans. After analyzing the data from users in India, the results shows that Extra Theme is the popular choice locally.

Q. Which are the best WordPress Video Theme for a beginner?

Ans. The provider with the best score for ease of use is Video Touch Theme .

Q. Does GoDaddy or WordPress Video Theme have [top 1 feature]?

Ans. Both [] and [item] has that feature,

Q. Does GoDaddy or WordPress Video Theme have [top 2 feature]?

Ans. [item] has it however there is no mention that [item b] has it, double check their site to see if this as changed.

Q. Does GoDaddy or WordPress Video Theme have [top 3 feature]?

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