Best software chosen by business owners

A website for an artist can only be good. If it lacks the creativity, then it hurts your personal profile. This is the reason why you should be picking only the premium themes for this specific niche.

And, to help you out with that, I’ve curated a compilation of best WordPress Artist themes right here. These selections will all be helpful and will save a lot of your valuable time.

All you need to do is to create a list of features and requirements and then start the matchmaking process with the one I’m sharing below. It will be the quickest way to find the best match.

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    Jupiter Theme

    Having a multipurpose theme for your business is always a good idea. Jupiter is known for its multipurpose capabilities which make it an ideal theme for many modern day businesses. This elegant and we …. Read full review
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    The7 Theme


    Out of the few known ways to stand out from the crowd, design is one of them. And The7 is one of those capable themes, which allows the webmaster to create any possible …. Read full review

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    North Theme

    Focusing on providing the best customer experience is the most important thing you should lookout for when choosing a WordPress eCommerce theme. North is a perfect example of a powerf …. Read full review
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    Enfold Theme


    Enfold is your answer if you’re looking for a custom Drag & Drop page builder and the theme itself is a custom product to fit any niche. It comes with all sets of …. Read full review

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    MusicPlay Theme


    If you’re a DJ and looking to have a digital profile online, then check out how this theme looks and the features I’m about to mention. It genuinely supports the Dis …. Read full review

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    Colibri Theme


    This particular theme is available at ThemeForest marketplace and is currently among the top trending items on that store. It is a theme described for busy musicians, me …. Read full review

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    Clubix Theme


    Depending on the ambiance of the actual location, you can pick between the dark and light theme layout, which is a cool feature to start with. The theme comes with Redux …. Read full review

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    Uncode Theme


    It’s a multipurpose theme which holds 30 concepts, which are one-click away from setting up. You can quickly pick the concept and install it to have the website ready …. Read full review

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    FWRD Theme


    It’s a specific theme designed for music bands and musicians, and it does come with diffe …. Read full review

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    KALLYAS Theme


    KALLYAS is a multi-purpose theme, which also takes care of e-commerce niche and the required …. Read full review

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    Wave Theme


    It’s another niche specific theme coming with unique layouts and dozens of related features and functionalities, and it comes with Read full review

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  13. 14

    Stocky Theme

    As the name suggests, this is a specialized theme for creating stock photo marketplaces. The theme uses Easy Digital Downloads to help you create the marketplace. Along with your own photos, it is als …. Read full review
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    Bridge Theme


    I’ve personally used this theme, so I’m aware of how powerful it is, and no surprise, it is among the bestsellers at ThemeForest. it comes with a cool UI to deliver …. Read full review

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    Nobel Theme


    If you’re running an agency or having a client with that requirement, then Nobel can be your perfect choice as it can be used to create a digital profile or also a por …. Read full review

  16. 17



    With over 90k sales, X is clearly one of the best selling and most powerful themes out there, and it offers a good number of one-page layouts, which are both easy to pic …. Read full review

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    Showcase Pro


    It’s a brand new product from StudioPress which is designed specifically for the modern business needs. It delivers an impressive experience while navigating the websi …. Read full review

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    Jevelin Theme


    Jevelin is once again a multipurpose theme packed with tons of design layouts, unique demos, visual elements and built-in options to help with the SEO score. It is desig …. Read full review

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    QOON Theme

    QOON is an award-winning creative theme for developing portfolio, agency, business, or corporate websites. The highly optimized theme follows all the SEO best practices like rich snippet support, …. Read full review
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    Salient Theme

    It is important to choose a WordPress theme with maximum SEO optimization capabilities. Salient does not only have a powerful SEO feature but is also coded excellently to ensure fast loading on multip …. Read full review
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    Monstroid Theme

    Monstroid often referred to as the New Kid On The Block being released in 2015 it’s quickly made a massive impact on the state of WordPress themes. Unlike other multi-purpose themes which were used to …. Read full review
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    Style Monk Theme

    The Modern, elegant Style Monk theme could be a great choice for developing a fashion, beauty, lifestyle, or entertainment blog. With complete focus on delivering a better user experience and generati …. Read full review
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    Rhythm Theme


    This particular theme is the gorgeous one in the compilation here, and it has even won few awards for the design itself. It comes with 50+ different demos which are easy …. Read full review

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    Oshine Theme


    It’s a photography specific theme which can also be used for other niches for sharing the portfolio purpose. It packs 23 unique demos which are all one-click away from …. Read full review

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    Lambda Theme


    Lambda is another multipurpose theme coming with a dedicated layout for food nic …. Read full review

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    Raven Theme


    Finally, I’m sharing a masterpiece which I can assure that will be hard to ignore. It comprises of a super cool user interface, design elements, and follows the minima …. Read full review

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    SquareCode Theme

    SquareCode is another specially developed theme for creating virtual marketplaces. Being fully compatible with Easy Digital Downloads, the theme allows you to create your own store or a multi-vendor m …. Read full review
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    Archi Theme

    If you’re in the interior design business, choosing an elegant and creatively designed theme is the first step of bringing your projects to life. Archi is an incredibly beautiful WordPress theme des …. Read full review
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    CleanApp Theme


    Next is a product from MyThemeShop, a known WordPress theme, and plugin developer and as you can expect, it’s a popular product, used by hundreds of users already. The t …. Read full review

  30. 31


    BeTheme is one of the most popular multipurpose WordPress themes. The feature-rich theme comes with useful SEO tools which can be useful in getting better ranking for your website. Being fully compati …. Read full review
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    Kalium Theme


    This particular theme is for creative artists and can help you achieve one of the best looking online portfolios. It comes with specially designed layouts for bloggers, …. Read full review

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    Bloc Theme

    In these times where every entrepreneur is investing heavily in online platforms, it is important to select a theme that fully represents the interests of your business. Bloc is a modern, clean and we …. Read full review
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    Comre Theme

    Comre is a WordPress theme which will empower you to create a group on base website / Deals website to give the best Amazon deals or coupons within a particular category. It comes packed with cutting …. Read full review
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    Casia theme


    Casia is a super minimal theme with proper clean design and yet managing to capture th …. Read full review

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    Chilli Theme

    Chilli Coffee is a simple and elegant theme that goes straight to highlight and showcase your strengths in the best way possible. The core aim of this theme is to make lasting first impressions thanks …. Read full review
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    Circle Flip Theme

    If you’re looking for a visually appealing page to boost your corporate agenda, Circle Flip is a popular business WordPress theme that is simple to install and rich with numerous features. With a fu …. Read full review
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    Socialme Theme

    Social me is an elegantly design WordPress theme suitable for magazine owners and those wanting to run a personal online blog. As the name suggests, it’s got the social media integrated into this temp …. Read full review
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    LFA Theme

    LEA is another excellent template to consider built under Bootstrap framework version 3.3 you get a theme that’s developed with a mobile first design approach. Giving your users optimal experience acr …. Read full review
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    Altitude Pro Theme


    My third recommendation is from StudioPress developers, a known name in the industry, and their Altitude Pro is one of few one pageRead full review

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    Armada Theme


    Our last recommendation is for the Photography niche. It is tough to find SEO ready themes for photography purpose. The theme in question here is ready to work with Word …. Read full review

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    Foundry theme


    Foundry is one such theme which is truly worthy of the price it asking to pay. It comes with support for multiple known plugins in WordPress and perfectly integrates wit …. Read full review

  42. 43

    Brando Theme


    Brando is a One-Page theme that can be used for multiple purposes, thanks to the level of customization it offers. The layout is responsive and there is a dedicated layo …. Read full review

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    Ronneby Theme


    This particular theme comes with a design which is developed keeping mobile devices primarily in the focus. It comes with 40+ unique looking demos which are all easy to …. Read full review

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    Klein Theme


    This one is the last recommendation from my side, which comes with really interesting and elegant UI, ensuring top-notch user experience in every possible scenario. The …. Read full review