We have already published some related material earlier regarding some great WordPress themes! However, ever changing technological developments force us to post this article to comprehend the subject for you. Also, we receive some queries for best WordPress solutions as well. To satisfy the knowledge hunger of all needy users, we are posting this updated article. WordPress is a hot tool that rules the writing world these days; it’s used for almost all writing purposes. Even top designers trying their ideas on it over and over again for the reason that it offers a full-screen layout display with lots of technically supportive features as well. To let you introduce to the Best Free WordPress Themes For Writers here is our first theme.

Which is the Best Free WordPress Themes For Writers? (July updated)

  1. 1

    Bovds Theme

    Bovds can be an excellent choice for developing fashion, entertainment, news, reviews, or tech blogs. The grid-style homepage allows you to highlight three of your best posts, while you can display th …. Read full review
  2. 2

    Mastermind Theme

    Mastermind is a specially developed theme for writers, bloggers, content creators, and other similar websites. The clean, simple homepage contains only the essential sections like a featured post, lat …. Read full review
  3. 3

    Observe Theme

    Getting more pageviews and keeping the visitors engaged for a longer period of time are two of the most common desires of any website owner. Observe is a professional theme that is created to help you …. Read full review
  4. 4

    Style Monk Theme

    The Modern, elegant Style Monk theme could be a great choice for developing a fashion, beauty, lifestyle, or entertainment blog. With complete focus on delivering a better user experience and generati …. Read full review
  5. 5

    Woodley Theme

    It’s another top theme from our list of themes For Writers; it’s resembled default 2015 WordPress, a well-liked and widely recogn …. Read full review
  6. 6

    Franklin Theme

    It’s yet another superb theme; it gets the attention of its users ever since its introduction back in 2014. The huge downloading record of the theme, tells the story of its success itself. It focuse …. Read full review
  7. 7

    Entrep Theme

    The clean, organized design of Entrep is most suitable for developing image-heavy multimedia sites. When using this theme, large images will take up the most space on your website. There are several s …. Read full review
  8. 8

    Blinkr Theme

    This is a feature-rich theme specially designed for creating blog, magazine, personal, portfolio, or any content-based site. The eye-catching homepage features a black and white color palette. You wil …. Read full review
  9. 9

    Parallax One Theme


    ThemeIsle is a known developer and it’s a free product from the same. It offers a one-page layout with stunning visuals which are even ready to work on smartphones and …. Read full review

  10. 10

    Reported Theme

    This fully responsive WordPress theme could be a great choice for your next blog, news, or magazine website. The cleverly designed homepage is perfect for promoting your best posts and keep the visito …. Read full review
  11. 11

    Sugar and Spice Theme

    This chic, feminine theme could be one of the best choices for creating your next wedding blog, event management or any festival website. The simple, elegant design will offer a warm welcome to the vi …. Read full review
  12. 12

    Waylard Theme

    Waylard is a template aimed at fashion bloggers and media companies alike loved by thousands with 5-star reviews. If you are in this space you most definitely want to consider Waylard it allows you to …. Read full review
  13. 13

    Hemingway Theme

    Bloggers looking for a simple, responsive and powerful theme can rely on Hemingway to create unique and attractive designs. The impressive topography is a key attraction for this theme and with it, yo …. Read full review
  14. 14

    Square C

    Choose the Square WordPress theme if you are planning to create a content-focused website. It comes with a striking homepage design that starts with two layers of featured posts. The unique photo filt …. Read full review
  15. 15

    Bleep Theme

    Are you searching for a grand WordPress theme for your upcoming tech or gadget review website? Bleep could be the theme you are looking for. This specialized magazine theme comes with the perfect home …. Read full review
  16. 16

    Rawdrop Theme

    The unique, attractive design of Rawdrop is perfect for creating viral gaming, health, and other relevant blogs. The default homepage design allows you to feature a post on the full-screen hero sectio …. Read full review
  17. 17

    WPro Theme

    News and review sites based on the latest gadgets and technologies are very popular among the internet users. You can take advantage of this trend by creating such a website with the WPro theme. It en …. Read full review
  18. 18

    Richest Theme

    Developing a lifestyle magazine website could be a profitable business idea. The first step in creating such a website is to choose a suitable theme like Richest. The high-quality theme could also be …. Read full review
  19. 19

    Artmag Theme


    If running a premium blog or a magazine is what’s on your head, then consider checking what Artmag has to offer. It comes with unlimited design possibilities, thanks t …. Read full review

  20. 20

    Editor Theme

    Editor is one of the best WP themes for creating blogs because aside from being a free theme, this theme is inc …. Read full review
  21. 21

    CRAWFORD Theme

    Crawford is one of the best minimalistic free WordPress themes available to download. Perfect for personal bloggers, foodies or photographers thanks to the elegant display of the big beautiful feature …. Read full review
  22. 22

    MyBlog theme

    The journey to having a successful blog begins with choosing the right theme. MyBlog is a popular and top rated theme well respected for its numerous cool features that enable you to easily and conven …. Read full review
  23. 23

    Pinnacle Theme

    Coming from Kadence themes, Pinnacle is a flat WordPress theme with multi-purpose opportunities. You can use the theme to create corporate, business, personal, portfolio, or e-commerce sites. The full …. Read full review
  24. 24

    Falco Theme


    It’s a product from a Power Elite Author at ThemeForest which clarifies that you’re getting a premium and top-notch product. It is Read full review

  25. 25

    Satu Theme


    We all understand the importance of traffic from mobile devices, and to make the best out of it, we have to ensure proper compatibility of the website for mobile devices …. Read full review

  26. 26

    Olivie Theme

    If you are looking for a speed-optimized theme with a special focus on female visitors, this is the best choice for you. This theme could be used to create different types of websites including fashio …. Read full review
  27. 27

    DW Timeline Theme


    It’s the last recommendation from my side, and it comes with few unique features at the UI side. It supports up to six different post types, including Standard, Galler …. Read full review

  28. 28

    Mary Poppins Theme

    Mary Poppins is famous for its excellently designed user interface. This exceptionally responsive theme appeals mostly to bloggers who wish to have blogs with a feminine look. Those who’ve used this …. Read full review
  29. 29

    Skilt theme


    Skilt is a product from an Elite Author at ThemeForest and it will get you to its user interface, which looks dead simple, Tumblr inspired, and totally elegant. The ambi …. Read full review

  30. 30

    Marcus Theme


    Marcus is the last recommendation from my side which comes with support for HTML5 and Schema.org markup. It includes six different layouts and is also compatible with A1 …. Read full review

  31. 31

    Olsen Theme


    My next recommendation is from CSSIgniter developer which is known for its gorgeous themes. Olsen is no exception here as it comes with a cool UI, delivering the smoothe …. Read full review

  32. 32

    Simply Pro Theme


    Your search for a unique looking theme ends with Simply Pro. It not only sets a different tone but still manages to look elegant. Although, the theme is not developed by …. Read full review

  33. 33


    It’s a blogger related theme basically, also it can be used to tell the stories to the targeted audience with a rather undemanding yet enticing intend. It sucks the core of images to offer a best ev …. Read full review
  34. 34

    Perfect Couple Theme

    Perfect Couple is perhaps one of the most glorious WordPress wedding themes available. It’s simple, yet eye-catching intro page with a custom picture is meant to give couples the attention that they …. Read full review
  35. 35

    So Simple Theme

    Here is So Simple, it’s a fundamental WordPress theme and alike the ghost platform. It supports a trouble free content writing experience to its users. It comes with the support of translation of th …. Read full review
  36. 36

    Amadeus Theme

    Amadeus is a feature-rich blogging theme for WordPress. The simple, elegant design, and planned navigation will ensure that the visitors are enjoying a superior user experience. You can add links to v …. Read full review
  37. 37

    Prana Theme

    It’s the dream of every site owner to use a theme which is simple to work with and allows you the complete freedom to customize key features. Prana is a cool, simple and straightforward theme with a …. Read full review
  38. 38

    GADGETRY Theme


    ThemeFuse is a known developer and surprisingly, Gadgetry is available without any price tag. It can be used to run a fully functional blog or a small size magazine. All …. Read full review

  39. 39

    Britt Theme

    Britt is a modern, simple blogging theme that allows you to create attractive-looking blogs or personal websites within a short period of time. The theme comes with a unique design and lots of interes …. Read full review
  40. 40

    JustWrite Theme

    The name clearly indicates that JustWrite is an especially developed theme for writers, journalists, and other similar professions. The professionally designed homepage includes 10 different sections. …. Read full review
  41. 41

    Tulip theme

    It’s amazing to see how innovativeness has been incorporated into modern WordPress personal blog themes. Tulip is a highly creative, dynamic, attract …. Read full review
  42. 42

    Activello Theme

    Activello scores impressively when measured in terms of convenience and flexibility. This theme has all the qualities a user would want their theme to have. The clean design of the theme, friendly use …. Read full review
  43. 43

    Accelerate Pro Theme

    Achieving a minimalistic and a modern look is something you can easily achieve for your site when you choose to use Accelerate Pro. This feature packed theme is famous for its high performance, simpli …. Read full review