5 Best WordPress Testimonials Plugins 2018(Mostly Free!)

A comprehensive list of 5 Best WordPress Testimonials Plugins 2018(Mostly Free!) according to 177 users.
With 5 options to consider you are sure to find the right one for you.

  • 6 December 2018
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Starting a new website is a lot of work, and in the era where everything is about branding, you’re finding it hard to survive. A business website or a blog offering a bunch of services can be helped by adding a testimonial section, where existing users get to describe their experience.

If you’re offering a high-standard or at least good standard service, then they will be happy to share what they just experienced. These testimonials or praising words will help you get new clients.

The reason why this thing helps is that those praising words act as a live review of your services. These reviews can literally help to convince the new customer since they just read those words. Also, keep the testimonials short and well-targeted. There is no shame to hire a copywriter doing that thing for you, in case the original testimonials aren’t sounding that good.

Whats the Best Testimonial Plugins for WordPress?

Luckily, you opted for WordPress to create the website or blog and so, you can easily add a testimonial section using a dedicated plugin. To help you find the best-working one, I’m sharing a compilation of seven best testimonial plugins for WordPress, down here.

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LETS HAVE A LOOK AT 5 Best WordPress Testimonials Plugins 2018(Mostly Free!)

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Easy Testimonials
Voted The BEST



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This plugin is available for free since years and has been continuously updated to make sure it stays up with the race … Read full review

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5 Best WordPress Testimonials Plugins 2018(Mostly Free!) Comparison Summary

RankNameRatingPricePricing Model
1Easy Testimonials3.4/5Freemium, Subscription
2Testimonials Showcase3.5/5One time license
3Testimonials Widget3.3/5Freemium, One time license
4Testimonial Basics3.1/5Open source
5HMS Testimonials2.9/5Free trail

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