There is nothing better than starting a blog on a subject you’ve passion for. Sports is one of those niches which everyone has a passion for, and your idea of starting a blog on your favorite one is a good one.

But to make a blog popular and put things in motion, you need to pick a good, reliable, and fast hosting server, and a premium theme to get proper functionalities and a top-notch makeover.

Over here, I’m going to start a compilation that will help you look only at the best Sports WordPress themes out there. Each of the themes I’m about to mention is hand-picked and are perfect for the niche.

Of course, you can start with any free theme, but if you wish to create a reader base from day one, then going with the premium look is highly recommended.

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    GoodLife Theme


    It’s a multipurpose magazine specific theme which holds two sports niche Demos, pre-re …. Read full review

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    FitnessGYM WordPress Theme

    FitnessGYM Theme

    flexible and retina ready. Built using HTML5 & CSS3 FitnessGYM is easy to setup and customize using the theme options panel. The built-in page builder makes it easy to create and type of page layo …. Read full review
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    Energy Theme


    It’s a theme powered by Zoom framework which uses the modern web programming ethics to ensure elegant UI which is optimized for performance and SEO. The theme comes wi …. Read full review

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    Fitness Premium WordPress Theme

    Fitness Premium Theme

    Fitness Premium was created primarily for the needs of fitness clubs and gyms but could be tailored to suit any business. The default red color scheme can be changed via an admin color picker, and PSD …. Read full review
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    Sport Theme


    If you’re planning to run a sports club, or a simple website, or both, then consider checking this trending product at ThemeForest. The package includes two pre-design …. Read full review

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    Best Theme

    Best is one of that magazine theme you just love it’s created by the same guys that created Schema. So you get the same benefit of Schema theme but with a design that geared towards magazine owners, b …. Read full review
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    WP Soccer


    If Soccer is your niche, then this should be the best pick for you. It comes with all the features and functionalities required to run a website in this niche, and the U …. Read full review

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    Fiziko Theme

    Regardless of your niche, it is important to select a powerful and attractive theme that will clearly highlight your agenda online. Fiziko is a splendid theme that is packed with numerous cool feature …. Read full review
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    Osaga Theme

    The greatest benefit for you (webmaster) in using Osega sports WP theme is that it is a multipurpose theme which can be used for many things related with sports. For example, you can use it as an onli …. Read full review
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    Balance WordPress Theme

    Balance Theme

    Balance is a fully valid HTML5 WordPress fitness theme. Balance gives you the ability to create four different variations of the homepage including sliders and video content. Each page can have a cus …. Read full review
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    Hobby Theme

    Hobby is a well good enough theme to satisfy your sports hobbies in one go. With Hobby WP sports theme, you can cover such sporting activities like hiking, cycling, camping, fitness games, and so much …. Read full review
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    GymBase WordPress Theme

    GymBase Theme

    GymBase is one of the best selling WordPress themes for the fitness industry. Like all good themes, GymBase is fully responsive along with the option to set a fixed width. Read full review
  14. 14

    Fit+ Theme

    Like I mentioned earlier, fitness & sports go hand in hand so here is one amazing WP theme from the top 5 sports WordPress themes that totally fits sporting and fitness spirit (or spirits as well) …. Read full review
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    Champion Theme


    It’s a WooCommerce ready premium theme which can be used to create a website for any sort of …. Read full review

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    Equipo Theme

    So far the only fully football-supportive WP theme among the top 5 sports WordPress themes. If you are a fan of a particular football club or team then this is the best piece of a theme you can find f …. Read full review
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    JustFit Theme

    JustFit is one of those themes you just can’t fault as much as I tried. The theme option is super easy to understand and navigate unlike some of the other templates mentioned here. If you are familiar …. Read full review
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    GameDay Theme

    Considering to cover up any sports event? Go for GameDay WP sports theme and diversify your website among the rest of the others. While being a super-sporty theme, GameDay additionally provides Woo-Co …. Read full review
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    Gym Extream WordPress Theme

    Gym Extream Theme

    Gym Extream is a WordPress theme specially designed for Gym and Fitness websites. The main features of Gym Extream are class schedule management, facilities management, image galleries plus a powerful …. Read full review
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    Symetrio Multi Sport Premium Theme

    Symetrio Theme


    My first recommendation isn’t any best seller, but it is seriously on the topic here. it is among those rare themes, which matches perfectly with requirements in this …. Read full review

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    FIT WordPress Theme

    FIT Theme

    Fit is a responsive WordPress theme with many features specifically developed fitness industry websites. Fit has custom post types and templates allowing you to publish trainer bio’s, class informatio …. Read full review
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    FITNESS Great Sports Theme

    Gym & Fit Theme


    My next recommendation is nearly perfect to run a fitness specific website, like Yoga or similar ones, and it comes with a dedicated Event Calendar to keep your visitors …. Read full review

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    Fitness Theme

    If you’re looking for an excellent WordPress theme which embraces simplicity and elegance, Fitness is a wonderful choice. This theme is fully responsive and therefore, you can access the site from t …. Read full review
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    Real Soccer WP Theme

    Real Soccer Theme


    As you can judge from the name itself, this particular theme is specifically coded and designed for a soccer related business or maybe a team profile or a coach’s port …. Read full review

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    GetFit WordPress Theme

    GetFit Theme

    GetFit is a powerful WordPress theme for gym & fitness websites. Built using the Twitter Bootstrap framework GetFit is responsive across all devices & swipe enabled. The theme can be setup eas …. Read full review
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    FishingClub Theme

    Fishing Club Theme


    Again as the name suggests, this particular theme is perfect for running a Fishing club website. It is a product of Template Monster which is known for its quality theme …. Read full review

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    Power Gym WordPress Theme

    Power Gym Theme

    Power Gym is a feature rich, responsive WordPress theme for creating a gym, fitness, or any sport related website. Using the custom options panel you can customize the theme to meet your needs, this …. Read full review
  28. 28

    Newsmag Theme

    Nowadays, there are plenty of powerful WordPress themes you can use to aid in boosting traffic. NewsMag is an incredible …. Read full review
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    ViralMag Theme

    Viral Mag could be your best choice for creating highly popular fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, beauty sites and get a huge amount of traffic from search and social media. As it comes with a flexib …. Read full review