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Today with the help of the community we will uncover the top WordPress SEO plugin you can start using today. The following list is only possible through the contribution of the numerous readers and experts that weigh in there opinion.  

Let’s have a look at the best 13 SEO plugins for WordPress:

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    I personally use this tool to increase the ranking of all my websites. This is one of those tools that all the pros use to gain a massive amount of traffic. Read full review
  2. 2

    All in one SEO pack

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    All in one SEO pack is another one of those plugins that have been around since 2007, and over a million users also use it. I used this plugin in the past but switched to Yoast SEO mainly because of t .... Read full review
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    Squirrly SEO plugin is unique in the way in which it delivers the information to you. It provides you with position tracking of your chosen targeted keywords. There is also a keywords suggestion tool .... Read full review
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    Yoast SEO

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    Over a million WordPress users use Yoast WordPress SEO plugins which is by far the most popular and most robust plugin out there. With every update, the user experience seems to improve, and the featu .... Read full review
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    SEO friendly image

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    SEO friendly image is a simple yet popular plugin with over 200,000 active installs as many site owners loving the convenience of not having to fill in their image alt tags. We use this plug-in across .... Read full review
  6. 6

    Google Analytics WD

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    When it comes to growing your online business tracking your visitors and conversion rate is essential. To ensure you can make data-driven decision to help further grow your company. Google Analytics i .... Read full review
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    Premium SEO Pack

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    Premium SEO Pack gives you an array of features that packed into one plugin it provides you with minification of CSS and JS compression to help improve the page speed of your website. Used by thousand .... Read full review
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    WP Meta SEO Plugin

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    Meta data is an important part of your SEO strategy. This information describes your content to the search engine. It is also crucial for ach .... Read full review
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    SEOPresor is another excellent WordPress SEO plugin to consider it's packed with an array of Awesome features that you'd love and best of all it's laid out any easy to digest manner. The feature I lik .... Read full review
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    All in one schema.org rich snippets

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    All in one schema.org rich snippets is a plugin and which I would recommend you use in conjunction with plug-ins like all in one SEO pack or York's SEO. this plugin helps you boost your click-through .... Read full review
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    Rankie allows you to track and research keyword ideas for your blog post or post pages. You can generate reports to check over time how well your search engine efforts have been. What's really cool ab .... Read full review
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    SEO Internal Links

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    If you've created a well-structured website, then you're well on your way to increasing that your search engine rankings. Another great tip is that you also ensure that your website implements an inte .... Read full review
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    WP Social SEO booster

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    WP Social SEO booster is a plugin which is aimed to boost your social signals and Knowledge Graph in the major search engines. It integrates with Facebook open graph, Twitter cards, and the Google ric .... Read full review
13 Best SEO Plugin for WordPress (2018 Comparison) Summery
NameEditor's RatingPricing Model
SEMrush 4.3/5Subscription
All in one SEO pack 4/5Freemium, Subscription
SEO by SQUIRRLY 3.8/5Freemium, Subscription
Yoast SEO 3.9/5Freemium
SEO friendly image 3.4/5Open source
  We’ve covered various topic around the subject of WordPress SEO giving you tips and pointers and how we can make your website search friendly. We suggested themes that are SEO ready and gave optimization advice on how to improve your website site speed which is excellent for user experience but also a welcome change by the search engines.    
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Buyers Guide to choosing the right SEO Plugin

This guide will help you to learn about:

  • The importance of SEO in WordPress and what you can do to improve it.
  • Benefits of using WordPress SEO plugin
  • Things to look out when choosing a WordPress SEO plugin.
  • The difference between Free vs. Paid SEO plugin.
  • A step-to-step guide on how to install the WordPress SEO plugin

WordPress is the number one CMS with 60% of the market share. It is also search engine optimized (SEO) compatible and helps businesses to create a website that meets the basic SEO standards. However, the basic WordPress leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to SEO.

Importance of SEO in WordPress

It’s important that we understand the significance of SEO before we get started. Search Engine Optimization is a method used to help your site become more accessible by search bots. Which in turn, can increase your visibility in a search result.

Why you need a WordPress SEO Plugin

The WordPress core is created using best SEO practices in mind. It is extremely well coded, and it reflects upon its search engine friendliness. The team behind the WordPress wants their platform to help everyone to reach their true potential. However, don’t expect miracles with basic WordPress installation. That’s why you need to get a WordPress SEO plugin.

Plugins can offer better SEO features that affect your website sitewide. For example, let’s take a look at Yoast SEO. It comes with sitewide configuration settings that let you optimize your website for better. For example, optimizing the permalink structure, create XML sitemaps, breadcrumbs and so on. These plugins also help you optimize a single page, custom post types or post.

In addition to the above, SEO plugins can also help you monitor and handle the website’s optimization from a single place.

Do you want to create XML sitemaps?

Some of the plugins can help you do so.

What are the benefits of using SEO plugin?

WordPress provides a rich ecosystem of over 55,000 plugins, so you are sure to find a plugin for your every need. Below are a few benefits you can gain from using an SEO plugin or tool.

  1. No coding required: The biggest benefit of using an SEO plugin is that you don’t have to code yourself. SEO, in technical terms, is all about providing vital information to the search engine. It can be keyword, meta description or title tag. This means that you don’t have to write a single line of code to optimize your whole website or a single post/page.
  1. Monitor performance: Having an SEO plugin on your WordPress website also means that you have an eagle eye view of the website performance.
  1. Optimization tips: Many of the above tools comes with pointers to improve your website search engine friendliness. Be it a simple post or site-wide setting; modern SEO plugins will tell you what to improve and how you can do it.
  1. Best practices in one place: SEO is big. WordPress SEO plugins enable you to use all the SEO best practices without worrying. Also, SEO plugins are feature rich and cover all the major practices that you will need to make your website rank higher.

Things To Consider

You have now got an idea of how SEO impacts WordPress including the benefits of using one. Here are a few things to take into consideration:

Plugin lock-ins, depending on the plugin you choose once you have entered all your meta titles and other information. If you want to switch down the line you might need to re-enter all that information in the new plugin in question.

If you are a beginner you might want to think about what is on offer support and ease of use of the tool.

Free vs paid

Most the plugins listed here are free to use. So, does that mean you don’t ever have to buy a premium one?

Well, the answer is not straightforward as you might like.

Many of the free plugins come with the basic requirement that you will need. One of the biggest concerns with free plugins is the sustainability of it, that being said you want to pay close attention to how often it’s updated.

On the other hand, a lot of the paid option above gives you access to support and more features in many cases.

How to integrate/install an SEO plugin with your WordPress website?

Installing an SEO plugin on your WordPress website is extremely easy. You can do it in three ways. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Using the dashboard

WordPress plugins can be installed by going to the dashboard. It is considered the easiest way to install a plugin. To get started, you first need to login to your dashboard. After logging in, you need to click on “Plugins” in the side panel and then click on “Add New.”

Now, you need to search for the keyword or the simple search for the plugin name in the “Keyword” form. It will automatically search for the plugin. After you find the plugin of your choice, all you need to do is click on “Install Now.”

That’s it. After installation, you need to click on the “Activate the plugin” option.

Uploading Plugin

If you bought a premium plugin, you would most probably get a “.zip” file. To install the plugin, you need to go to “Plugins” >> “Add New,” and then click on the “Upload Plugin” option as shown below.

After that, a small section will open up just under it. All you need to do is choose file and click on “Install Now.”

Uploading and Installing using FTP Client

Many WordPress hosting servers have strict file restriction for security purposes. In that case, the only way to upload a plugin, in general, is to use FTP client.

The FTP client lets you connect to your server remotely, you can use FileZilla or other clients. 

  • Step 1: Login with FTP username and password. If you don’t have the information, then you need to contact your WordPress hosting support to get them.
  • Step 2: Once you are connected, then, you need to navigate to /wp-content/plugins/
  • Step 3: Click on upload on the file that you intend to upload. It will take some time for the upload to take place.
  • Step 4: Once completed, you need to go back to your dashboard.
  • Step 5: Under the Plugins list, you will find the plugin name. Click on “Activate,” and your WordPress SEO plugin is ready to use.


So there you have it I have shown you the best SEO plugins for WordPress to help you in your search engine mastery. I’ve tried to include a variety of tools and plugins that I used and love that you can benefit from with the implementation. If you haven’t already, you to download my free eBook on growth hacking. Where I share, the tips and strategies are used to attract millions of visitors every year from the search engines.