6 Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress 2019

A comprehensive list of 6 Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress 2019 according to 59 users.
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  • 2 April 2019
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To make sure the bounce rate is under control, you need to offer a lot of internal links to every page of your WordPress powered website. Now, interlinking between the posts and pages is another thing, while showcasing the related posts at the bottom, is another. The easier one here is the second, which can be done using a dedicated plugin.

I’m about to share six best-related post plugins for WordPress, the one they are called as. You need to read about each of them, analyze the features, read about their support on their individual landing pages, and finally decide the one you’re finally installing.

Make sure you’re always getting a plugin from a genuine source, as this thing can hijack your entire WordPress website, if things gone wrong. So, this guide is going to help you in getting the genuine ones, without worrying too much.

Why such plugin helps?

The reason why such plugin must be kept installed on a website and the exact reason why it helps getting the bounce rate under control, is that it is increasing the number of articles interlinked to every web page of your entire website.

You can, of course, tweak the settings, but it still works and affects the end results by a good margin. Suppose if a user arrives at a post sharing about iPhone 6, and you’ve already shared different articles on Specs of iPhone 6, price of iPhone 6, availability details of iPhone 6, video review of iPhone 6, and so on.

Now, once such a plugin is activated, all those other previously shared articles, will be interlinked to the main one, and that too automatically. This is how, if a person is interested in knowing all those related details, he’ll react to those interlinking, and he’ll end up reading multiple pages in a single session.

Since, he didn’t left your website from the very first page he walked in, the bounce rate gets under control, and it also increases the page views. Each of them counts in increasing the authority of your website in the eye of Google and also of the user.

The reason why users react to those linked articles, is because they are related to the main title above. If they are unrelated then user might not react positively, and, that’s the whole concept.

Best Related Post Plugins for WordPress

Any of these plugin will do the job of adding and showcasing the related posts under every posts and pages. You can set how they look, how they should work, and many similar things. Most importantly, they all are available without any price tag, so there’s nothing between you and your favourite plugin.

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LETS HAVE A LOOK AT 6 Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress 2019

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Yet Another Related Posts Plugin
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6 Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress 2019 Comparison Summary

RankNameRatingPricePricing Model
1Yet Another Related Posts Plugin 4/5Open source
2LinkWithin 3/5Open source
3Jetpack 3.9/5Freemium, Subscription
4Contextual Related Posts 3.6/5Open source
5Shareaholic 3.4/5Freemium, Subscription

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