We are looking for the best WordPress Quiz plugins as implementing a quiz or running a questionnaire is one of the best and easiest ways to connect with the visitor.

A simple quiz can help you gather a better audience as people will feel an urge to answer that puzzle. Now, it all depends on what you ask them and if it’s related to your primary content or not.

Over here, I’ll be mentioning the best options you can look into and at the end, you’ll have a perfect plugin, fully capable of adding this particular functionality.

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    eForm Form Builder


    Let’s start with a product which was featured on a platform like CodeCanyon, confirming how powerful and professional it is. It covers most of the features and functio …. Read full review

  2. 2

    mTouch Quiz


    Now, as you must have understood from the name itself, it’s a mobile friendly quiz plugin which is optimized to work perfectly with touchscreen devices. Now the last f …. Read full review

  3. 3



    If you’re looking for an elegant product which can interact with the visitors in an even better way, then consider going with SlickQuiz. But, it has to use heavy code …. Read full review

  4. 4



    If a free plugin comes with proper documentation and a level of support from the developer, and if its code is available on Github, then no doubt, it can be your best pi …. Read full review

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    Quiz And Survey Master


    Most of the features and functionalities are available without any price tag, but there are certain premium extensions which require you to pay. This is the story of our …. Read full review

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    Modal Survey


    This particular plugin is all about customizations. It allows the webmaster to create gorgeous looking and properly functioning surveys which users can find interesting …. Read full review

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    Watu Plugin


    It’s another simple plugin which is available in both free and paid versions. It comes with a proper UI which is ready to work on desktop, laptop, mobile, smartphone, …. Read full review