Mobile apps are becoming the one-stop source of massive traffic. But, they are not that easy to code and popularize. One simple way to utilize the best out of this concept is by turning your website into a mobile app.

There are working methods that can quickly create an app for an existing WordPress website which is fully functional on smartphones and tablets.

These plugins simply put a responsive layout for the website which is in use, every time a visitor hits the website from a smartphone or tablet. If your site is already offering a fully responsive layout, then you might not need to consider using these plugins.

But, if the case is on the other side, then here is a compilation of best plugins to turn WordPress site into a mobile app. Before you begin using any of these solutions, I’ll recommend to try them out on a demo site first.

Let’s have a look at the available options one by one.

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    This particular plugin can release Android and iOS specific mobile apps and can even make the web apps, using the HTML5 technology, ensuring things stay extremely lightw …. Read full review

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    It’s an open-source product, available for free and is extremely developer friendly. For a normal WordPress user, it can convert a properly functioning blog into a sup …. Read full review

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    If you do a through research, then AppPresser will come out as the number one solution for this specific need. It works with a plugin and creates an app for smartphones, …. Read full review

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    It’s my next recommendation and is a premium plugin which can create a native app for iOS and Android. The plugin is specifically built for WordPress platform, making …. Read full review

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    Blappsta Mobile App Plugin


    Here is my final recommendation which can do the primary thing we’re looking at here. The best part is that it is always kept updated to ensure proper compatibility wi …. Read full review