6 Best WordPress Maps Plugins 2019 (according to Business Owners)

A comprehensive list of 6 Best WordPress Maps Plugins 2019 (according to Business Owners) according to 0 users.
With 6 options to consider you are sure to find the right one for you.

  • 2 March 2019
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Maps are an integral part of any business website as it offers a sense of direction and location for your business. In today’s article, we will be focusing on the best WordPress map plugins out there. These plugins will help you to provide visitors to your business location or better help them find locations for other important places.   As a business, you can always go with Google maps and also integrate it into your website with the help of simple embed code. However, the Google map is not customizable and offers limited options. That’s where we come in. All the map plugins that we are going to list will offer you customization in some way or another. However, before we start, we need you to know the things to consider before choosing the right WordPress map plugin for yourself. Let’s get started.   #Things to consider
  1. Customization: The WordPress map plugin should enable you to customize the map you are going to put on your website. This is the most fundamental feature that you should look after.
  2. Shortcode support: The plugin should also have shortcode support. By this, you will be able to integrate your maps on different pages.
  3. Support multiple filters: Having support for multiple filters means that you can customize the map outlook according to the visitor needs. This is super handy and can change user experience completely.
  4. Category filter: Enable maps to show filter by category to provide better map locations.
  5. Directions: The map plugin should be able to show directions when needed

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LETS HAVE A LOOK AT 6 Best WordPress Maps Plugins 2019 (according to Business Owners)

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Advanced Google Maps Plugin
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Advanced Google Maps Plugin is the number one selling maps on CodeCanyon It is an advanced plugin which means that you … Read full review

Key Features :

  • • Multi Language
  • • Responsive
  • • Export/Import
  • • Customization option
  • • Info cards
  • • Street View

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6 Best WordPress Maps Plugins 2019 (according to Business Owners) Comparison Summary

RankNameRatingPricePricing Model
1Advanced Google Maps Plugin 3.6/559Open source
2Google Maps WordPress Plugin 4.3/520One time license
3Hero Maps Premium 3.5/520One time license
4Interactive World Maps 3.4/522One time license
5Image Map Pro Plugin 3.4/539One time license

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