Best software chosen by business owners

Content plays the major role and everyone experienced at the internet marketing knows it. The real value of a website or blog is the type of content it holds. But, it’s not that easy to master.

Usually, the magazine and blog owners put a team of content creators who are responsible for updating fresh content. But, it’s a long time and costly process.

So, how you can create a content rich website or blog with minimum investment? Well, an Article Directory is the best answer in this case, and we’re looking for the same here.

You can easily create an Article directory website using WordPress, thanks to the simple setup process and dozens of plugins to take care of the functionalities. But, it’s not that easy to attract writers and bloggers to join your platform and keep the directory regularly updated.

You need a marketing channel to make it happen. If you’ve already figured that out, then go ahead and get over with the setup procedure.

As the title promises, I’m sharing a compilation of best WordPress article directory plugins and themes over here. Any of these will get the setup ready and the platform will be ready to help you manage everything in a better way.

Let’s start with our options now.

  1. 1

    Clipper Theme


    In our specific niche, Clipper is one of the most popular product, and it is best for running a Read full review

  2. 2



    If you’re creating this article directory to support your product, then creating a proper knowledge base is the best idea, and to make that happen, check out this part …. Read full review

  3. 3

    WorkScout Theme


    This one is currently a trending product at ThemeForest and is powered by WP Job Manager plugin, a known name in this specific niche. The theme comes with special featur …. Read full review

  4. 4

    Article Directory WordPress Plugin


    It’s not a theme, rather a WordPress article directory plugin and it is available without any price tag. Although the …. Read full review

  5. 5

    Jobseek theme


    If you’re looking for a theme which put mobile layout at prime focus, then Jobseek should be interesting to you. It comes with a perfect layout for mobile devices and …. Read full review

  6. 6

    Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro


    It’s my last recommendation which offers basic functionalities without any price tag while keeping the premium add-ons at a price. It can be used for creating a classi …. Read full review

  7. 7

    doo Theme


    Sharing coupons and promo codes of various e-commerce is a new way of generating affiliate income. doo is a new theme in the same niche, and it comes with built-in funct …. Read full review

  8. 8

    Real Expert Theme

    Looking for an attractive premium real estate WordPress theme that guarantees you impressive results? Real Expert is a minimalistic, clean, nice and modern WP theme for property listing and real estat …. Read full review
  9. 9

    Article Directory


    Templatic is a known developer in the realm of WordPress as it produces quality themes and plugins, regularly. And, this first product over here is from their house, bri …. Read full review

  10. 10

    REHub Theme


    This particular theme comes with a package which includes three bonus themes and a content egg tool. It is one of the top-rated entry at ThemeForest, and it packs all th …. Read full review

  11. 11

    Jobify Theme


    Jobify is another trending product and it is also a popular one at ThemeForest. The primary feature which makes it stand out of the competition is because it focuses on …. Read full review

  12. 12

    Couponer Theme

    Couponer is the name of that theme which will be your future’s choice when you will setup a coupon business online. One of the best coupon premium themes for WordPress is Couponer which is great for …. Read full review
  13. 13

    WPJobus Theme


    It’s neither the best selling or a popular theme in this niche, but it’s still my personal favorite as it covers all the functional grounds and looks damn good. It o …. Read full review

  14. 14

    CouponHut Theme

    Coupon Hut is the most recent product to become a well-known coupon code theme in WordPress community, a task in which the theme is significantly growing as the time progresses. The theme represents a …. Read full review
  15. 15

    ClassifiedEngine theme


    My next recommendation is a tailor-made product for this specific niche which comes with dozens of built-in monetization options, with the support of all popular online …. Read full review

  16. 16

    AutoDealer Theme


    If you’re looking for a unique layout which specifically targets the listing conversions, then AutoDealer should be your choice. It comes with WooCommerce support, hel …. Read full review

  17. 17

    Couponize Theme


    Design is the first thing which you will fall in love with and the functionalities come next. It uses HTML5 and CSS3 for the base, making the design extremely modern whi …. Read full review