Running a contest is a straight way to increase visitor’s interaction with the website and to make that happen, you need to take help of some third-party plugins.

Today, I’m sharing a compilation of the best WordPress contest plugins which you can use and implement a properly working contest module within the website or blog.

The prime reason why a contest module can work to increase the user’s interest because of a psychological fact, i.e., we humans have an obsession with winning.

Now to make your visitors feel superior to others, you can conduct a simple contest, where participating and answering the questions isn’t that hard.

Or depending on the type of crowd your content usually attracts, you can even put a really tough one. In either case, you’ll be requiring plugins to implement the basic functionality.

So, let’s start with the contest plugins for WordPress options we have.

  1. 1

    Contests by Rewards Fuel


    You must have seen Rewards Fuel’s contest module on other websites, and I’m sure you did find it interesting. This particular plugin is the same and is available wit …. Read full review

  2. 2

    Photo Contest WordPress Plugin


    It’s a premium plugin which is currently trending on the CodeCanyon platform, and I hope you already understood what it does. The plugin can help you run quick contest …. Read full review

  3. 3

    Pick Giveaway Winner

    This particular plugin has a simple functionality, i.e., to pick a winner from all the comments done on a particular post. You can mark a particular post as “Giveaway” and then ask the users to co …. Read full review
  4. 4

    Wishpond Social Contests


    If you are not looking for a plugin with any limitations (or as lesser as possible), then look at what Wishpond Social Contests has to offer. It comes with almost, every …. Read full review

  5. 5

    ContestFriend for WordPress


    This particular plugin takes the contests to next level and even supports the giveaways. Everything is integrated within the WordPress properly, and the plugin is availa …. Read full review