Best software chosen by business owners

Having a fully functional and super interactive discussion panel is an important aspect of a blog or a community channel. So far, internet users are addicted to the Facebook commenting system and also with the YouTube one.

But the one used in WordPress is not that interactive. It misses out tons of functionalities and most importantly, an elegant makeover which is important to attract visitors.

Thankfully, we can change the default discussion system and can use any third-party one of our choice. But, not all the options are worthy of trying.

So, here I’m with a compilation of only the best WordPress comment plugins. You need to pick one as per the personal requirements, and each one of them is capable of delivering a lag-free performance.

But to bring visitors to the discussion panel, you need to have a proper content strategy. Let’s have a look at the plugins we can go with.

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    What If I told you just now, that you can get the popular post functionality along with a bunch of other important ones too? If you’re interested in saving the total n …. Read full review

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    IntenseDebate Comments

    Most of the online journals have been using IntenseDebate comment module, and it’s not a new product. Thankfully, it is available for WordPress platform, officially, and you can implement the same u …. Read full review
  3. 3

    Disqus Comment System


    By default, the WordPress commenting system attracts a lot of spams. One can implement Akismet, but the spam comments can still manage to pass its filters. If controllin …. Read full review

  4. 4

    Facebook Comments

    As I mentioned in the starting, Facebook comments are highly praised by the internet users. If you wish to implement the same into your blog, which works with the same Facebook profile, then here is a …. Read full review
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    Comments Evolved for WordPress

    If you believe in offering multiple options to the visitors, then here is a plugin that can implement Google+, Facebook, WordPress’s default, and Disqus commenting system, all at once. Each of these …. Read full review
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    akismet comments



    Comment spam is one of the biggest headaches that site owners often have to deal with. In the recent times, spamming from both bots and humans has increased significantly and if lef …. Read full review

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    Subscribe to Comments

    When choosing a WordPress Comments Plugin, it is important to select a plugin which is convenient for both the site owner and commenters. Subscribe to Comments is a powerful plugin that enables users …. Read full review
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    Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin


    In recent times, site owners are grappling with challenges caused by spammers. The process of figuring out captchas is something website users dread. However, site o …. Read full review

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    It’s not a standalone discussion module, but it still needs an introduction here. CommentLuv has been primarily used in the internet marketing realm, as it can help we …. Read full review