8 Best WordPress Backup Plugins Compared 2019 (four are free) in United States

A comprehensive list of 8 Best WordPress Backup Plugins Compared 2019 (four are free) according to 195 users.
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  • 30 August 2019
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WordPress is an open-source platform opens tons of vulnerabilities. But, it doesn’t mean we should take a step away.

Rather, we should aim for hardening the WordPress and make sure everything is kept in a proper vault. One way of doing that is by keeping a backup of the complete website, regularly.

Now, you can do it manually, by downloading the files and folders from front-end and the complete database from the back-end. And then, keeping a copy of these files at a separate and secure location.

Or, you can go with the second method, i.e., using the backup plugin. These can make the process automatic and will help you have a peace of mind. Today, I’m going to share a compilation of best WordPress backup plugins.

So, go ahead and check the best options we have.

LETS HAVE A LOOK AT 8 Best WordPress Backup Plugins Compared 2019 (four are free)

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UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration
Voted The BEST

2 in 8 WordPress Migration Plugins (2019)



(2 votes)

I recently gave a try to UpdraftPlus, and it did impress me The plugin is extremely simple to use and packs all the … Read full review


WordPress Backup & Clone Master

3 in 8 WordPress Migration Plugins (2019)



(1 vote)

It’s another backup plugin which can take care of keeping files and folders of your website safe and sound and can … Read full review


WordPress Backup to Dropbox

3 in 8 Best WordPress Dropbox Plugins Available in 2019



(2 votes)

If you’re looking for the backup application for Dropbox but don’t have a budget to buy a premium plugin, then … Read full review



4 in 8 WordPress Migration Plugins (2019)



(2 votes)

Powered by Automattic, VaultPress is the most reliable backup plugin for WordPress It allows you to backup your website … Read full review


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8 Best WordPress Backup Plugins Compared 2019 (four are free) Comparison Summary

RankNameRatingPricePricing Model
1UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration 3.8/5Freemium, Subscription
2BlogVault 3.6/588.8Subscription
3WordPress Backup & Clone Master 3.9/5One time license
4WordPress Backup to Dropbox 3.4/5Freemium, One time license
5VaultPress 3.9/5Subscription

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