Since I started my career in internet marketing, I’ve been aware of a particular niche which has been all time gold mine. It’s the one associated with Amazon affiliates. And, the niche still holds the same power.

You just have to find a particular product which consumers are looking to buy, and then establish a niche website on the same, affiliating the Amazon product, somewhere in the content.

Now, it may sound easy on paper, but when you do it, it’s a whole another story. So, to help yourself, you’ll be needing the right tools.

Let me help you with few of the best ones out there, as I compile the best WordPress Amazon affiliate plugins.

These plugins are capable of bringing an automation procedure to the table but you still have to take care of the research part on your own. If the research isn’t right, then you might not find the expected conversion.

Let’s start with the compilation now!

  1. 1

    Amazon Auto Links


    As you can get it from its name, it’s a simple product that can be used to create automatic links to products you’re promoting, straight from Amazon. You just have t …. Read full review

  2. 2

    Amazon Link Plugin


    My next recommendation is a free product used by over thousands of active users at the time of writing. It comes with built-in templates for pages and posts and can even …. Read full review

  3. 3

    Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin


    It’s the number one plugin in this niche, according to me, and it packs tons of features and functionalities, covering every possible base. It’s a premium product by …. Read full review

  4. 4



    It’s one of the highly used and most popular product in this specific niche. It comes at two different price tag, one for the normal user and the second one for the de …. Read full review

  5. 5

    Amazon Link Engine


    It’s a premium product that can be used for free, once you signup for the trial period. Later once you are comfortable with the product, you can buy the license and ge …. Read full review