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8 Best Website Builder for Small Business (2019)

A comprehensive list of 8 Best Website Builder for Small Business (2019) according to 21 users.
With 8 options to consider you are sure to find the right one for you.

  • 2 April 2019
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Today we will help you choose the best website builder for small business.   These website builders are recommended by our community of business owners like you and provide the best possible feature-set that you can expect from them.   It’s worth mentioning there is not a single website builder that will fit all the requirement.   We understand building a new website for your small business can be a daunting task. It is especially hard when budget becomes a big reason for you to choose website builder. Also, selecting a wrong website builder can cause a loss in revenue and time. That’s why we listed a few things to consider to help you choose your perfect builder.   Things to consider: #1 Ease of use: Website builders can be complex and hard to use. And, that’s why you should check its ease of use before deciding on it. To do so, you can try out trials. Most of the website builder services offer trials for their platform. If there is no trial, try to watch videos or read reviews.   #2. Social Media Integration: The website builder you are choosing should be compatible with social media. Without it, you will find it hard to promote your work. Also, integrating social media through the third party adds complexity which you don’t want.   #3. Email Marketing: Email marketing is also a must-have feature for your small business. With email marketing, you can connect with your visitors and do proper campaigns. Most website builders come with email marketing tools like create forms and connecting with 3rd party email provider services such as MailChimp. Before you choose a website builder, always be sure that it supports email marketing.   #4 Templates and Images: A good website builder will have an excellent collection of templates and images backed into it. This will enable you to get access to great templates and images. By using templates, you will also have a good starting point, and don’t have to create a website from scratch. #5. Support: The last thing that you need to check out for is support. Check how good the support is and also figure out through which medium the support is provided. It can be an email, phone or ticketing system.

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Virb used to be a great platform for creating new websites However, since GoDaddy acquired the platform in 2014, it … Read full review

Key Features :

  • • Site Customization
  • • Custom Domains
  • • Beautiful Themes
  • • Site Analytics
  • • File Storage
  • • Mobile Friendly

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8 Best Website Builder for Small Business (2019) Comparison Summary

RankNameRatingPricePricing Model
1Virb 3.1/5$10/moSubscription
2Weebly 4/5$8/moOpen source, Subscription
3Jimdo 3.6/5$5/moOpen source, Subscription 3.5/5$5.99/moSubscription
5IM Creator 3.9/5$8/moFreemium, Subscription

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