5 Free Best Free VPN Providers (2019 Compared)

A comprehensive list of 5 Free Best Free VPN Providers (2019 Compared) according to 29 users.
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  • 4 April 2019
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There are tons of free VPNs out there. However, not all of them are good and provide value even when you get them for free. In today’s article, we will be listing the best free VPN articles out there.   VPNs provide better security and privacy when it comes to accessing the web. You can also hide your location using VPN and browse the web with full peace of mind. The reason why we are listing the best free VPN is that of the fact that not all VPN are created equally. Some of them are free but is not good enough to even consider. However, do not expect everything from a free VPN. They are limited when you compare them to their paid counterparts.   The list will surely enable you to pick the best one for you that fit your needs. Before we get started, let’s list the things you should consider in a free VPN before making a choice. Let’s list the things to consider below.   Things to consider  
  1. Decent Server locations: The free VPN should be able to have decent server locations. This means that you will be able to choose the server location through which you are going to connect. It gives you access to locked content and ensures good browsing speed in case of some websites.
  2. Mobile apps: A mobile app for your free VPN is always handy. Not everyone will stick to their desktop all the time, and this is where the mobile app comes in.
  3. No log policy: Free VPN can log your activity through the network as everyone has different logging policy. You should always choose a VPN that has no logging policy and offers you the best possible privacy.
  4. Speed: All VPN can protect your privacy. However, you should look out for the connection speed. It takes time to encrypt and decrypt content, and also distance plays an important role. So, try to choose a VPN that offers good speed.
5. Cross-platform support: The VPN should have proper cross-platform support. This feature will enable you to run the VPN on multiple devices without any worry whatsoever.

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TunnelBear offers an excellent free VPN solution They provide an easy to use software with great design McAfee has … Read full review

Key Features :

  • • Allows 5+ Simultaneous Connections
  • • 500+ Servers
  • • Blocks Ads
  • • Android Supported
  • • iOS Supported
  • • Linux Supported

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5 Free Best Free VPN Providers (2019 Compared) Comparison Summary

RankNameRatingPricePricing Model
1TunnelBear 3.8/59.99Freemium, Subscription
2ProtonVPN 3.4/54Open source, Subscription
3HotSpot Shield 3.6/512.99Freemium, Subscription
4Winscribe 3.6/59Freemium, Subscription
5HideMe 3.1/54.99Freemium, Subscription

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