5 Best Social Content Locker WordPress Plugins 2020 in United States

A comprehensive list of 5 Best Social Content Locker WordPress Plugins 2020 according to 302 users.
With 5 options to consider you are sure to find the right one for you.

  • 5 March 2020
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With the growing competition among internet marketing realm, the webmaster is always looking for some legit ways to get more and more traffic. Social media platforms are one huge source but to use them, is itself an another challenge.

One quick way which became popular, to gain more social shares, is by putting a lock on a part of the content, or maybe the complete itself.

This was made possible due to content locker plugins. Initially, they became everyone’s favorite but later their popularity came down due to some SEO concerns over their usage.

If you’re eager to start with the one and test out how well it works, here is a compilation of best content locker WordPress plugins. We don’t have a lot of options to consider, but I’ve still managed to find a handful number of worthy options.

LETS HAVE A LOOK AT 5 Best Social Content Locker WordPress Plugins 2020

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Social Share & Locker Pro
Voted The BEST



(2 votes)

In this particular niche, it’s the best selling premium plugin and it comes with a super elegant design, making … Read full review


Opt-In Content Locker

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(2 votes)

As you can judge from the name itself, it puts an opt-in form before the content, asking the visitors to sign up for … Read full review


Like 2 Unlock for WordPress



(1 vote)

It’s a simple plugin which adds a Facebook like button before a locked area, and the visitor is forced to perform the … Read full review


Easy Social Locker



(1 vote)

It’s the final recommendation from my side and it’s again a premium product It supports almost every social network … Read full review


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5 Best Social Content Locker WordPress Plugins 2020 Comparison Summary

RankNameRatingPricePricing Model
1Social Share & Locker Pro 3.6/5One time license
2OnePress Social Locker 3.3/5Freemium, One time license
3Opt-In Content Locker 3.9/5One time license
4Like 2 Unlock for WordPress 3.6/5One time license
5Easy Social Locker 3.5/5One time license

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