There are thousands of WordPress themes out there, but not all themes are created equally. And that’s why choosing an SEO friendly WordPress theme is so important. Today I’m going to present to you a few themes that I’ve examine and consider to be:
  • Fast loading
  • Well structured with correct Heading tags
  • Incorporate search boasting features i.e. built-in breadcrumb trail, integration and more.
Even though you have a site with quality content, it may not rank well enough to be seen by your intended audience especially if you haven’t used an SEO Optimized WordPress theme to boost your site’s visibility.

The themes mentioned below only works with which means you will require your own domain WordPress hosting. For this, I recommend SiteGround to host your site for as little as $3.95 you get FREE SSL, Free domain & support.

WordPress is known to be very SEO friendly; however, backing up with an optimized theme is an excellent idea. Fortunately, there are also SEO plugins for WordPress that play a significant role in boosting search engine rankings. With plenty of attractive quality designs, users and the entire WordPress community are spoilt for choices. If you’re not sure which theme is best for your site, take the time to research and look for information. Furthermore, this article discusses some of the top search friendly WP themes. If you are in a rush or short on time check this out:

The 5 SEO Friendly WordPress themes I recommend to Drive traffic

ThemeType:FeaturesEase of useSpeedMobile-friendly?
SCHEMAMagazine4.1 Star Rating5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating
DiviMultipurpose5 Star Rating4.6 Star Rating4.4 Star Rating
SocialViralMagazine4.5 Star Rating5 Star Rating4.9 Star Rating
ExtraMagazine4.5 Star Rating4 Star Rating4 Star Rating
TruePixelMagazine4.4 Star Rating5 Star Rating4.9 Star Rating
To view, the full list keep reading… What are some of the issues you need to consider when choosing an SEO friendly theme? One of the key factors that make a theme be called SEO friendly is the simplicity of the theme. Other considerations include the time it takes for pages to load, responsiveness, modern and friendly code, breadcrumbs as well as the layout and structure.
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When SEO friendly themes are mentioned, the term Genesis Child themes come into the picture. This just refers to themes that have been developed in line with the Genesis framework known to be highly SEO optimized and are popular with businesses, web designers, and bloggers since they conform to standard design standards that promote W3 compliance. Of course, there are numerous other themes out there design on other theme frameworks but perform excellently with impressive SEO capabilities. So without further ado Let see the full list of my findings:
  1. 1

    Mastermind Theme

    Mastermind is a specially developed theme for writers, bloggers, content creators, and other similar websites. The clean, simple homepage contains only the essential sections like a featured post, lat …. Read full review
  2. 2

    ViralMag Theme

    Viral Mag could be your best choice for creating highly popular fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, beauty sites and get a huge amount of traffic from search and social media. As it comes with a flexib …. Read full review
  3. 3

    MH Magazine

    MH Magazine is a widely used WordPress themes loved by thousands of webmasters just like you. You can use it to create food, sports, travel, health or a technology magazine just to name a few. MH Maga …. Read full review
  4. 4


    Extra is a powerful and customizable magazine-style theme powered by the Divi builder that extended in new and exciting ways that focus on the needs of bloggers and online publications. Extra is like …. Read full review
  5. 5

    Schema Theme

    Since the release of Schema, it\’s long been the golden standard for those wanting a minimal template without the junk co …. Read full review
  6. 6

    Style Monk Theme

    The Modern, elegant Style Monk theme could be a great choice for developing a fashion, beauty, lifestyle, or entertainment blog. With complete focus on delivering a better user experience and generati …. Read full review
  7. 7

    Rawdrop Theme

    The unique, attractive design of Rawdrop is perfect for creating viral gaming, health, and other relevant blogs. The default homepage design allows you to feature a post on the full-screen hero sectio …. Read full review
  8. 8
    5 top SEO optimized WordPress themes magazine

    Magazine by Themify

    Magazine theme is one of the best SEO-optimized WordPress themes around the corner. It is a retina and responsive ready theme that gives you ultimate control over the exposure of your website on the W …. Read full review
  9. 9

    Zerif PRO

    Zerif Pro is said to be the best one page WordPress theme on the market ant the numbers are certainly pointing that way. Wit …. Read full review
  10. 10

    HowTo Theme

    When choosing a theme for your site, it is important to research and choose both an SEO friendly and attractive design template. HowTo is a powerful highly responsive and interactive theme that comes …. Read full review
  11. 11

    Performag Theme

    Performag Is an exceptional WordPress magazine template which is aimed at increasing your revenue and perfect for media companies. It’s available in two unique style switches the light and dark star w …. Read full review
  12. 12

    BitNews Theme

    BitNews Is the great WordPress template for SEO it’s super fast loading time give users the best possible browsing experience, and you’ll also get brownie points from the likes of Google. This templat …. Read full review
  13. 13

    ShopIsle Theme


    If you’re looking for some top-notch themes, then ShopIsle should be your first pick. It comes with extremely premium looking UI, which is a big surprise being a free …. Read full review

  14. 14

    Rustik Theme

    Rustik is a minimalistic WordPress theme built specifically for Woocommerce enabling used to run an online store that super fast and SEO friendly. It’s packed with all the features you need to run a s …. Read full review
  15. 15

    Foundly Theme

    When the word SEO WP theme is mentioned, Foundly is never far away. I have used this theme for my personal blogs and it does what it says on the tin. Getting started thanks to the live customizer inte …. Read full review
  16. 16

    Richest Theme

    Developing a lifestyle magazine website could be a profitable business idea. The first step in creating such a website is to choose a suitable theme like Richest. The high-quality theme could also be …. Read full review
  17. 17

    Yosemite theme

    Yosemite is it elegant magazine theme perfect those running a blog which is heavily reliant upon displaying beautiful images. That means that I can see this template working perfectly for photographer …. Read full review
  18. 18


    One word that describes the Newspaper WordPress AdSense theme is “excellent.” It is also the most popular theme, and …. Read full review
  19. 19

    MotiveMag Theme

    For those who’ve used Motive, you’ll agree it’s an incredibly exciting theme that comes with a free Page Builder. If you’ve never used this theme before, you don’t need to worry because ther …. Read full review
  20. 20

    Best Theme

    Best is one of that magazine theme you just love it’s created by the same guys that created Schema. So you get the same benefit of Schema theme but with a design that geared towards magazine owners, b …. Read full review
  21. 21

    myPortfolio Theme

    My portfolio is an excellent WordPress theme to consider if you’re planning to display your portfolio online in an elegant manner. As you browse through the website, there is CSS3 loading animation wh …. Read full review
  22. 22



    Have you heard of ViraNova? Well, you should have, Scott made millions using this very same WordPress theme you can Read full review

  23. 23

    Glam Pro Theme


    This one is a brand new entry into the carousel of StudioPress themes. However, it’s a third party theme. As usual, it looks gorgeous, super sleek, and holds top-notch …. Read full review

  24. 24

    Rise Theme

    Rise is another excellent theme to consider it\’s built for blogging affiliate marketing and media companies. It’s developed in collaboration with affiliate marketing veterans, so you benefit from a l …. Read full review
  25. 25

    QOON Theme

    QOON is an award-winning creative theme for developing portfolio, agency, business, or corporate websites. The highly optimized theme follows all the SEO best practices like rich snippet support, …. Read full review
  26. 26

    SEO WP Theme

    SEO WP as the name suggest is actually search friendly and is aimed at online marketers. Out the box, you get quite a few generous bundle from premium vector images and icons. They didn\’t stop there …. Read full review
  27. 27


    BeTheme is one of the most popular multipurpose WordPress themes. The feature-rich theme comes with useful SEO tools which can be useful in getting better ranking for your website. Being fully compati …. Read full review
  28. 28

    Authority Theme

    Thinking of creating a personal brand, then Authority could be the perfect theme for you. It’s modeled after Matthew Woodward six figure blog if you h …. Read full review
  29. 29

    Enfold Theme


    Enfold is your answer if you’re looking for a custom Drag & Drop page builder and the theme itself is a custom product to fit any niche. It comes with all sets of …. Read full review

  30. 30

    Smart Passive Income Pro

    If you have the slightest interest in Internet marketing and the growing your business online then it’s very likely that you would have come across a well-known site which goes by the name of smart pa …. Read full review
  31. 31

    Distractifymag Theme

    Here’s another viral magazine theme that could be an excellent choice for creating your next viral website. Distractifymag comes with multiple menu locations so that you can show different menus on …. Read full review
  32. 32

    Altitude Pro Theme


    My third recommendation is from StudioPress developers, a known name in the industry, and their Altitude Pro is one of few one pageRead full review

  33. 33

    BreakMag Theme

    Choose BreakMag if you are looking for a Buzzfeed-style theme that allows you to focus media-heavy content. The theme features the perfect design for publishing image and video posts and showcasing th …. Read full review
  34. 34
    Genesis wordpress theme

    Genesis framework

    Over 182,000 webmasters trust the Genesis framework and as been renowned the best SEO template for years. You can get the framework for one price along with the default theme; there is also other desi …. Read full review
  35. 35

    WPro Theme

    News and review sites based on the latest gadgets and technologies are very popular among the internet users. You can take advantage of this trend by creating such a website with the WPro theme. It en …. Read full review
  36. 36

    Monstroid Theme

    Monstroid often referred to as the New Kid On The Block being released in 2015 it’s quickly made a massive impact on the state of WordPress themes. Unlike other multi-purpose themes which were used to …. Read full review
  37. 37

    NewsMag Theme

    Nowadays, there are plenty of powerful WordPress themes you can use to aid in boosting traffic. NewsMag is an incredible …. Read full review
  38. 38

    Point Pro

    Point Pro is one of those WordPress themes that continuously delivers great results when it comes to earning from Adsense they’re a few themes I can think off the top of my head. that delivers. I use …. Read full review
  39. 39

    Tribune Theme

    It is important to choose an SEO WordPress Theme that will be instrumental in promoting your site rankings. An elegantly designed website is the dream of any business, blogger or creative artist who w …. Read full review
  40. 40

    Onepage Theme

    Onepage is a single page WordPress business theme that comes with two different layouts one for the corporate world and the other for general blogging. On the homepage, you can be as creative as you l …. Read full review
  41. 41

    Divi Theme

    There are thousands of WordPress themes out there. But only a few of these remained useful over the years. Read full review
  42. 42

    Riverside Resort Theme

    Riverside Resort is a WordPress theme and at hotels, motels, B&B and anyone in the hospitality business. This theme might not be suited for everyone, but if you\’re within this space, Riverside mi …. Read full review
  43. 43

    Sixteen Nine Pro

    Sixteen Nine Pro is another excellent WordPress template to consider it’s created it by the guys over it StudioPress. Create a visually appealing and professional website to help build that all import …. Read full review
  44. 44

    Sahifa Theme

    Sahifa is one of those themes that’s super resilient and has stood the test of time release the way back in 2012 the author has made regular updates and each time making it better. Used by many webmas …. Read full review
  45. 45

    Optimize Theme

    Optimize as the name suggests is a WordPress template centered around optimization and is perfect for you if you run an SEO or a digital marketing agency. Optimize has made it to our list because it\’ …. Read full review
  46. 46

    MagXP Theme

    When choosing an SEO compliant theme, it is always good to carefully examine the features and see how they fit into promoting your site’s SEO friendliness. MagXP is a popular theme famous for its ex …. Read full review
  47. 47

    Foodie Pro Theme


    This isn’t the only food niche theme from StudioPress but this one is my personal favorite. It comes Read full review

  48. 48

    Daily post Theme

    Daily post is another excellent WordPress theme to consider ideal for those who are looking to start a magazine or a news based website. It comes with an array of features which will get into shortly …. Read full review
  49. 49

    Infinity Theme

    Infinity is a premium theme with a special focus on SEO performance. It features an incredibly fast loading speed, proven in both PageSpeed and YSlow scores. The intuitive theme options panel provides …. Read full review
  50. 50

    H-Code Theme


    H-Code is a multipurpose theme which comes with colorful schemes, tons of features, and is totally compatible with the modern SEO norms. Combining all these features, it …. Read full review

  51. 51

    Noozbeat Theme

    If you are looking for a modern magazine theme with SEO optimization, Noozbeat can be an excellent choice for you. This premium theme comes with attractive home page layouts and unlimited color variat …. Read full review
  52. 52

    Magazine Pro Theme


    It’s known to everyone, how well StudioPress themes are optimized for search engine marks. Magazine Pro theme is one of their product which ships with Genesis framewor …. Read full review

  53. 53

    eMaxStore Theme

    eMaxStore is a professionally developed WordPress theme for creating SEO-optimized eCommerce sites. As the theme also comes with a blog template, you can publish regular blog posts to get a steady flo …. Read full review
  54. 54

    Brando Theme


    Brando is a One-Page theme that can be used for multiple purposes, thanks to the level of customization it offers. The layout is responsive and there is a dedicated layo …. Read full review

  55. 55

    LFA Theme

    LEA is another excellent template to consider built under Bootstrap framework version 3.3 you get a theme that’s developed with a mobile first design approach. Giving your users optimal experience acr …. Read full review
  56. 56

    Jevelin Theme


    Jevelin is once again a multipurpose theme packed with tons of design layouts, unique demos, visual elements and built-in options to help with the SEO score. It is desig …. Read full review

  57. 57

    Swift Theme

    Swift themes along with the Genesis theme framework and the thesis framework where one of the early WordPress themes to be SEO friendly. In short, this means that instead of the standard page title th …. Read full review
  58. 58

    Amax Theme


    Amax is a product which is usually kept updated to stay free from bugs and performance issues, and also to stay compatible with latest WordPress version. It is compatibl …. Read full review

  59. 59

    Bovds Theme

    Bovds can be an excellent choice for developing fashion, entertainment, news, reviews, or tech blogs. The grid-style homepage allows you to highlight three of your best posts, while you can display th …. Read full review
  60. 60

    Armada Theme


    Our last recommendation is for the Photography niche. It is tough to find SEO ready themes for photography purpose. The theme in question here is ready to work with Word …. Read full review

  61. 61

    Buzzmag Theme

    BuzzFeed has created a trendy design for viral websites. If you want to develop the same type of website on any topic, you can choose the aptly named Buzzmag theme. It features a professionally design …. Read full review
  62. 62

    Houston Theme

    Houston is a responsive WordPress template ideal for businesses and marketing agencies alike. It features a stunning full-screen post slider which is perfect for tablets and mobile devices as it enabl …. Read full review
  63. 63

    Mashup Theme

    Tech news and review sites are a special type of website that has some specific requirements. If you are thinking about creating such a website, Mashup should be one of your top choices. The professio …. Read full review
  64. 64

    Financial Advisor Theme

    As the name suggests, this is a WordPress template that suitable for lawyers, consultants, and financial advisors. The template is clean easy to navigate with the various sections on the homepage whic …. Read full review
  65. 65

    Crunchtech Theme

    Crunchtech is specially designed to create tech magazine sites for publishing news, in-depth reviews, and other contents. The modern, trendy homepage design is bound to draw the attention of your visi …. Read full review
  66. 66

    Star Theme

    Star is a highly popular magazine theme that can be used to create movie reviews, gaming, technology, sports, or personal blogs. The dark color scheme and stylish homepage design will help you draw th …. Read full review
  67. 67

    ScoutMag Theme

    Looking for a theme to create a cycling, football, basketball, baseball or other popular sports website? Why not take a look at the ScoutMag theme? It is packed with interesting features like a post s …. Read full review
  68. 68

    Creative WordPress Theme

    Creative as the name suggests it is a template aimed at creative individuals, photographers, those in Arts and Media. It’s a minimalistic temperate which features that are a full-width layout which st …. Read full review
  69. 69

    BEATRIX Theme

    BEATRIX Is a minimalistic WordPress template which is aimed at you, zone e-commerce store owners with lots of opportunities to cross promote your products and create upsell sells, therefore, increasin …. Read full review
  70. 70

    Bleep Theme

    Are you searching for a grand WordPress theme for your upcoming tech or gadget review website? Bleep could be the theme you are looking for. This specialized magazine theme comes with the perfect home …. Read full review
  71. 71

    Uncode Theme


    It’s a multipurpose theme which holds 30 concepts, which are one-click away from setting up. You can quickly pick the concept and install it to have the website ready …. Read full review

  72. 72

    Observe Theme

    Getting more pageviews and keeping the visitors engaged for a longer period of time are two of the most common desires of any website owner. Observe is a professional theme that is created to help you …. Read full review
  73. 73

    SEO Company Theme

    If it’s an SEO or a digital marketing agency you’re trying to create then I will be next recommendation will most likely be more suited for your needs. SEO Company theme comes with nine unique demos a …. Read full review
  74. 74

    Reported Theme

    This fully responsive WordPress theme could be a great choice for your next blog, news, or magazine website. The cleverly designed homepage is perfect for promoting your best posts and keep the visito …. Read full review
  75. 75

    Blinkr Theme

    This is a feature-rich theme specially designed for creating blog, magazine, personal, portfolio, or any content-based site. The eye-catching homepage features a black and white color palette. You wil …. Read full review
  76. 76

    Square C

    Choose the Square WordPress theme if you are planning to create a content-focused website. It comes with a striking homepage design that starts with two layers of featured posts. The unique photo filt …. Read full review
  77. 77

    ORNG Theme

    ORNG is a premium magazine theme that is perfectly suitable for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and media site owners. The striking homepage design is aided by the unique fly-out menu design, both of which a …. Read full review
  78. 78

    Dalux Theme

    Dalux is another awesome magazine theme from ThemeStop. This beautifully designed theme could be a great choice for your upcoming content-focused website. Publish posts in four different layouts and d …. Read full review
  79. 79

    Pixel Block Theme

    Still looking for a theme suitable for your blog, magazine, or other content-heavy websites? Look no further as Pixel Block is the type of theme you are looking for. Feature two of your most popular p …. Read full review
  80. 80

    Entrep Theme

    The clean, organized design of Entrep is most suitable for developing image-heavy multimedia sites. When using this theme, large images will take up the most space on your website. There are several s …. Read full review