If you’re a photographer, you can take your career to the next level by venturing online where you can beautifully display your works for others to see. To achieve this, the first step is to choose an appropriate photography WordPress theme that will effectively showcase your photography skills. It’s good to note that numerous tutorials can help you to improve your skills on how to use WordPress.

Successful photographers have always found a unique way of advertising their skills to the world using technology as the core medium relaying information. It’s true that professional photography themes can either be free or premium themes with ecstatic results especially if you need a theme that will not disappoint you.

Photography is now a well-respected art especially with the introduction of social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook where a lot of people are getting inspired to take and share photographs. Of course, the introduction of tablets and smartphones has also contributed a huge deal to increase the popularity of photography. For those who want to go further and own a photography blog, WordPress is perhaps an ideal platform you can use.

There are thousands of WordPress photography themes that you can use to bring your project to life. The good news is with proper research and understanding of your requirements; you can be able to choose a photography theme that will be instrumental not only in showcasing your photography projects but also establishing you as an authority in this field which is becoming competitive on a daily basis.

Before picking a WordPress photography theme, check if it allows you to customize various features to meet your expectations. There are thousands of beautiful photography blogs out there; to beat the competition, you have to be smart and creative. All themes discussed below come with a demo version that allows you to have a sneak preview of how the theme would look like when implemented. This information is very important, especially in decision making.

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    Keen Theme

    Keen is a minimalistic WordPress theme to help you show off your work in a clutter-free manner similar to a museum’s experience. It comes with three different home page styling help you stylize your w …. Read full review
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    Bow Theme

    Bow is an excellent WordPress theme for photographers to consider it allows you to display your photos in a grid layout. If you’ve ever visited this site, it’s very likely you would have heard me ment …. Read full review
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    CRAWFORD Theme

    Crawford is one of the best minimalistic free WordPress themes available to download. Perfect for personal bloggers, foodies or photographers thanks to the elegant display of the big beautiful feature …. Read full review
  6. 6

    RokoPhoto Lite


    My first recommendation is a product from a well-known theme developer, ThemeIsle, which clearly m …. Read full review

  7. 7

    Vega Theme


    It’s a popular product at ThemeForest, developed by a Power Elite Author, and its prime attraction is the tons of customizations it allows and also the one it already …. Read full review

  8. 8

    Oshine Theme


    It’s a photography specific theme which can also be used for other niches for sharing the portfolio purpose. It packs 23 unique demos which are all one-click away from …. Read full review

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    Archi Theme

    If you’re in the interior design business, choosing an elegant and creatively designed theme is the first step of bringing your projects to life. Archi is an incredibly beautiful WordPress theme des …. Read full review
  10. 10

    Expose Pro Theme


    Photography niche themes need room and Expose Pro theme offers plenty. It comes with a super good layout which is both unique and addictive in looks. The product is phot …. Read full review

  11. 11

    Uncode Theme


    It’s a multipurpose theme which holds 30 concepts, which are one-click away from setting up. You can quickly pick the concept and install it to have the website ready …. Read full review

  12. 12

    JohnBlack Photography Theme


    UI is the prime attraction of the next theme in the list here, and it comes with tons of customization options. The visual effects are all candy, and it has both light a …. Read full review

  13. 13



    With over 90k sales, X is clearly one of the best selling and most powerful themes out there, and it offers a good number of one-page layouts, which are both easy to pic …. Read full review

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    Photography Theme


    It is the number one selling product at ThemeForest in Photography niche, and after going through the features and its demo, you’ll find it deserving. Other than all t …. Read full review

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    Kiki Theme


    It’s one of the best selling products at ThemeForest in this niche and comes with tons of custom …. Read full review

  16. 16

    Photo Me Theme

    This is another unique WordPress theme for creating photography, gallery, portfolio, or any photo-related website. The theme features multiple attractive demo designs. You can choose any of these desi …. Read full review
  17. 17

    Sauron Theme


    Our next pick is ready for multiple niches as it targets business profile, portfolio, online non-profile profiles, and even run a blog for personal or Read full review

  18. 18

    Collective Theme


    When photography is added to a minimalistic layout, it becomes awe-inspiring. Collective theme is the perfect example of the same and checking its Demo is highly recomme …. Read full review

  19. 19

    Phogra Theme


    A perfect portfolio is one that makes everyone visiting your website to …. Read full review

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    Elegance Theme


    The design is the first thing to notice here, and it matches with its name, Elegance. Every element which comprises the design part is taken care of, like typography, lo …. Read full review

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    QOON Theme

    QOON is an award-winning creative theme for developing portfolio, agency, business, or corporate websites. The highly optimized theme follows all the SEO best practices like rich snippet support, …. Read full review
  22. 22

    Mauna Theme


    It is a multipurpose agency and portfolio theme which possesses everything to fit the photography niche. At this time, six different looking Demos are available which ar …. Read full review

  23. 23

    H-Code Theme


    H-Code is a multipurpose theme which comes with colorful schemes, tons of features, and is totally compatible with the modern SEO norms. Combining all these features, it …. Read full review

  24. 24

    Quest Theme


    If you’re looking for lots of customization options and a lot of power in your hands, then check out the features of Quest theme and also its Demo. It can be customize …. Read full review

  25. 25

    Bridge Theme


    I’ve personally used this theme, so I’m aware of how powerful it is, and no surprise, it is among the bestsellers at ThemeForest. it comes with a cool UI to deliver …. Read full review

  26. 26

    Diamond Theme

    The needs of photographers are rapidly changing, and therefore, it is important to select a theme that embraces modern concepts but at the same time is sleek and unique. Diamond fits this description …. Read full review
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    ePix Theme

    Whenever you’re thinking of opening a photography site, you need to pick a theme that represents your art in the best way possible. In this case, stellar design and a coordinated implementation stra …. Read full review
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    CyberGames Theme

    CyberGames is known to completely transform photography sites into attractive online magnets that effectively showcase your work. You don’t need to worry about getting attention because this theme e …. Read full review
  29. 29

    Photocrati Theme


    It’s an extremely popular product, specifically designed to support all the photography niche’s needs and believe me, it covers them all. It comes with a platform th …. Read full review

  30. 30

    Yosemite theme

    Yosemite is it elegant magazine theme perfect those running a blog which is heavily reliant upon displaying beautiful images. That means that I can see this template working perfectly for photographer …. Read full review
  31. 31

    The7 Theme


    Out of the few known ways to stand out from the crowd, design is one of them. And The7 is one of those capable themes, which allows the webmaster to create any possible …. Read full review

  32. 32

    SKT Photo Session Theme

    Studios and photographers require a good theme that can clearly highlight their portfolios. SKT Photo session has a highly responsive interface that enables users to view your images both on the compu …. Read full review
  33. 33

    Philomina Theme


    If you’re running a fashion blog (or planning to), then Philomina is the perfect free theme with minimal UI. The theme comes with support for big size photographs and …. Read full review

  34. 34

    Pixel Block Theme

    Still looking for a theme suitable for your blog, magazine, or other content-heavy websites? Look no further as Pixel Block is the type of theme you are looking for. Feature two of your most popular p …. Read full review
  35. 35

    Panaroma Theme


    It’s a theme with a unique layout and it is ready to be used for multiple niches, including our Church one. It comes with five different slides, arranged vertically an …. Read full review

  36. 36

    Axis Theme


    This one is another theme for portfolio niche which can be used for any kind of subject. It comes with custom menus, custom taxonomies, featured thumbnails, and full-wid …. Read full review

  37. 37

    Fukasawa Theme


    It’s my second favorite personal photography blog theme, which is, of course, available without any price tag, and that too in the official WordPress theme center. It …. Read full review

  38. 38

    SKT Full Width Theme


    Simplicity is the prime suit of this theme as it looks not just simple, but also holds a lot of easy to interact elements which increase the user experience by a noticea …. Read full review

  39. 39

    Inez Theme


    Inez is my next recommendation for artists, creatives, photographers, etc., for running a stunning looking portfolio or digital profile. The theme packs every design ele …. Read full review

  40. 40

    Fullscreen Theme


    The best use of Fullscreen named theme from GraphPaperPress is for photography niche. It can be used for other multimedia powered blogs or websites too. The main attract …. Read full review

  41. 41

    LFA Theme

    LEA is another excellent template to consider built under Bootstrap framework version 3.3 you get a theme that’s developed with a mobile first design approach. Giving your users optimal experience acr …. Read full review
  42. 42

    Papirus Theme

    Papirus is a stylish and flexible website template that is best suitable for properly building an eBook store or online bookstore. This eBook WordPress theme also comprises visual composer, page co …. Read full review
  43. 43


    BeTheme is one of the most popular multipurpose WordPress themes. The feature-rich theme comes with useful SEO tools which can be useful in getting better ranking for your website. Being fully compati …. Read full review
  44. 44

    PILE Theme

    If you’re still looking for a unique solution then have a look at what PILE has to offer. It packs a UI which is stunning, unique and delivers an unconventional UI. Parallax effects …. Read full review
  45. 45

    Creative WordPress Theme

    Creative as the name suggests it is a template aimed at creative individuals, photographers, those in Arts and Media. It’s a minimalistic temperate which features that are a full-width layout which st …. Read full review
  46. 46

    SKT Photo World Theme


    If sharing stories aren’t your plan and wish to focus on images only, then have a look at our next offering. It is available at the official WordPress theme center and …. Read full review

  47. 47

    Monstroid Theme

    Monstroid often referred to as the New Kid On The Block being released in 2015 it’s quickly made a massive impact on the state of WordPress themes. Unlike other multi-purpose themes which were used to …. Read full review
  48. 48

    Viewpoint Theme


    It’s a theme which puts images in full screen, keeping every other detail or clutter away from getting in between your quality work. It holds the horizontal scrolling …. Read full review

  49. 49

    SOHO Theme

    SOHO is a creative WordPress theme for developing modern video or photo websites. Powered by the GT3 page builder, the theme offers several different ways to showcase your best works. The built-in ful …. Read full review
  50. 50

    Bluebird Theme


    It’s a “prestigious photography WordPress theme” as called by the developer, and it packs all the features and cool animations to support our specific niche. It tr …. Read full review

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    Fullpane WordPress Theme

    Fullpane Theme


    Themify is among those theme developers which always come up with super cool and elegant looking designs, and this Fullpane is no exception. It comes with the one-page l …. Read full review

  52. 52

    Ambiance Pro theme


    It’s another StudioPress product, powered by Genesis Framework, but, it packs a different UI, whi …. Read full review

  53. 53

    Extra Theme

    Extra is a powerful and customizable magazine-style theme powered by the Divi builder that extended in new and exciting ways that focus on the needs of bloggers and online publications. Extra is like …. Read full review