In the recent times, a lot has changed especially when it comes to web design methodologies. WordPress has quickly become not only the most popular platform for building sites but highly reliable and effective as well. As a result, a good number of bloggers have opted to using WordPress to bring their projects to life. It’s not hard to imagine why many web designers are using WordPress themes.

However, choosing an appropriate theme to deploy for your personal blog is not an easy decision to make. With several hundreds of exciting themes to choose from, it is important to learn how to select a theme that will make your site stand out as well as boost interaction with your readers. Giving your users the right impression of who you are is not only how you express yourself but also depends on the type of theme you decide to use to advance your agenda.

Whether you already have an operational blog or are thinking of having one, the themes listed below can be of great help. It’s worth mentioning that you don’t need to spend money on a theme for your personal blog because there are numerous free WordPress themes such as the ones discussed in this article. Furthermore, having a responsive theme is useful because you’re sure your site will display well on different types of screens.

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    Woodley Theme

    It’s another top theme from our list of themes For Writers; it’s resembled default 2015 WordPress, a well-liked and widely recogn …. Read full review
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    Bravo Theme

    Bravo is a great template for marketers, bloggers, and creative individuals. It features a site-wide call to action which you can use to drive up your subscription, popular post and more. The design o …. Read full review
  3. 5

    CRAWFORD Theme

    Crawford is one of the best minimalistic free WordPress themes available to download. Perfect for personal bloggers, foodies or photographers thanks to the elegant display of the big beautiful feature …. Read full review
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    Ridizain Theme

    Ridizain is a popular sleek modern magazine base off the Twenty Fourteen WordPress theme. It’s packed with lots of customization feature to help you create a website that’s tailor to your needs. With …. Read full review
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    MyBlog theme

    The journey to having a successful blog begins with choosing the right theme. MyBlog is a popular and top rated theme well respected for its numerous cool features that enable you to easily and conven …. Read full review
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    Finch Theme

    Finch is one of our most popular WordPress theme to date and for good reasons too. Like all themes created by us, it’s super fast, search engine ready and approved by the guys at To get …. Read full review
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    Hemingway Theme

    Bloggers looking for a simple, responsive and powerful theme can rely on Hemingway to create unique and attractive designs. The impressive topography is a key attraction for this theme and with it, yo …. Read full review
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    Codilight Lite Theme


    As per the overall ambiance is concerned, Codilight Lite is the best and highly recommended theme from my side. It’s a product of a known developer with years of exper …. Read full review

  9. 11

    Sauron Theme


    Our next pick is ready for multiple niches as it targets business profile, portfolio, online non-profile profiles, and even run a blog for personal or Read full review

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    Mary Poppins Theme

    Mary Poppins is famous for its excellently designed user interface. This exceptionally responsive theme appeals mostly to bloggers who wish to have blogs with a feminine look. Those who’ve used this …. Read full review
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    First Mag Theme


    Don’t want to make your magazine look cluttered? Check out the Demo of First Mag free theme which follows minimal approach at the UI which still manages to give a proper …. Read full review

  12. 14

    Surfarama Theme


    It offers a unique layout on the main screen, thus, offering a slightly different feel to the overall blog. It’s a perfect theme for those who plan to share funny thin …. Read full review

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    Studio Theme

    Studio has been successfully used to design powerful blogs which keep users closely engaged with the content. Studio is no doubt a powerful and responsive theme known for its sleekness and enchanting …. Read full review
  14. 16

    Enigma Theme


    Enigma is a theme developed using the BootStrap framework and it comes with dozens of options which are always a surprise, considering its available for free. The theme …. Read full review

  15. 17

    Radiate Theme

    Your personal blogging can go a notch higher if you choose Radiate, a powerful theme designed exclusively to meet the needs of bloggers. Released in February 2014 by ThemeGrill, the theme is an instan …. Read full review
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    Prana Theme

    It’s the dream of every site owner to use a theme which is simple to work with and allows you the complete freedom to customize key features. Prana is a cool, simple and straightforward theme with a …. Read full review
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    Editor Theme

    Editor is one of the best WP themes for creating blogs because aside from being a free theme, this theme is inc …. Read full review
  18. 20

    MH Magazine lite


    It’s a lite version which you can begin using without paying anything, at all. The theme features custom widgets and tons of Admin Options to use and customize the ove …. Read full review

  19. 21



    As you can judge from the name itself, it’s for fashion niche, specifically. The layout fits …. Read full review

  20. 22

    Greek Restaurant Theme


    Greek Restaurant uses Bootstrap framework for being totally secure and fast performing theme. It is perfect for niches like restaurants, pizzerias, barbecues, etc., and …. Read full review

  21. 23

    Singl Theme


    This one is a free theme available at the official WordPress theme repository, both for self-hosted WordPress blogs and the Read full review

  22. 24

    Rendition Theme

    Rendition is a modern responsive WordPress theme perfect for small business and agency owners. With unlimited color variation, you can stamp your own brand identity on the theme. Customizing on Ren …. Read full review
  23. 25

    Meeta Theme


    A totally responsive theme which comes with a lot of customizations in spite of being available for free and it supports custom widgets and custom headers too.

    Read full review
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    Vernum Theme

    Vernum is a powerful theme that has transformed how blogs appear contributing highly to user engagement and making sure there is an instant connection with audiences. Those who’ve used this theme lo …. Read full review
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    Corner theme

    Having a minimalistic, modern, clean and simple blog is a dream come true if you use Corner theme. Using this theme, you can maximize your content visibility using a sleek platform that will display y …. Read full review
  26. 28

    JustWrite Theme

    The name clearly indicates that JustWrite is an especially developed theme for writers, journalists, and other similar professions. The professionally designed homepage includes 10 different sections. …. Read full review
  27. 29

    Franklin Theme

    It’s yet another superb theme; it gets the attention of its users ever since its introduction back in 2014. The huge downloading record of the theme, tells the story of its success itself. It focuse …. Read full review
  28. 30

    Klean Theme


    This one is available for free on the official theme repository of WordPress and comes with a very simple and minimal web design. Everything looks damn simple, which is …. Read full review

  29. 31

    Drento Theme


    It’s a theme with unique look and UI which always focuses on the images and stories. The theme holds a logo area on top, fixed at the center, followed by a Navigation …. Read full review

  30. 32

    VMag Theme

    VMag features an attractive, modern design that is perfect for creating news, magazine, blog, or any content-based website. The strategic use of inviting colors, large images, and bold typography will …. Read full review
  31. 33

    SuperAds Lite Theme


    If you wish to run an experiment, putting a lot of advertisements onboard, then going with SuperAds Lite is the safest bet I can recommend right now. It comes with speci …. Read full review

  32. 34

    Pinnacle Theme

    Coming from Kadence themes, Pinnacle is a flat WordPress theme with multi-purpose opportunities. You can use the theme to create corporate, business, personal, portfolio, or e-commerce sites. The full …. Read full review
  33. 35

    Fullby Theme

    Fullby is lovely looking grid theme built with Bootstrap and consists of an awesome font. This theme offers a beautiful design and therefore, you can be assured of keeping your users engaged. The them …. Read full review
  34. 36

    SuperMag Theme

    As you can guess from the name, SuperMag is a dedicated WordPress theme for creating magazine, news, and blog sites. The customizable homepage is built with various widgets, which means you can choose …. Read full review
  35. 37

    Kerli lite Theme


    If your plan is to share a lot of photographs, yes big sized, then consider checking out my next recommendation. It’s a free product, as you’re looking for, and come …. Read full review

  36. 38

    Nirvana Theme

    This beautiful WordPress theme could be a great choice for developing personal or professional websites. The highly customizable theme comes with more than 200 theme options to help you personalize th …. Read full review
  37. 39

    MH Newsdesk lite


    The ‘lite’ word confirms that it’s a free version of the premium theme which will come with additional premium features. The one we have for free comes with flat d …. Read full review

  38. 40

    Amadeus Theme

    Amadeus is a feature-rich blogging theme for WordPress. The simple, elegant design, and planned navigation will ensure that the visitors are enjoying a superior user experience. You can add links to v …. Read full review
  39. 41

    ionMag Theme

    ionMag is one of the most advanced free WordPress themes I have seen this year. Equip with a live page builder to quickly edit your website on the fly. What I really like about this theme is that a th …. Read full review
  40. 42

    National Basic Theme

    National Basic is one of those WordPress themes and that had stood the test of time thanks to regular updates it remains as popular as when it was first released a few years back. Considering it’s a f …. Read full review
  41. 43

    Destin Basic Theme


    Before you begin reading the features, I’ll recommend to check out the Demo first and see if its unique UI looks decent to you. I wasn’t that impressed by its UI, bu …. Read full review

  42. 44

    GeneratePress Theme


    This particular theme not only works with BuddyPress, but is also compatible with WooCommerce and bbPress, allowing you to Read full review

  43. 45

    Albar Theme

    If you’re looking for an impressive and effective theme that caters to the needs of modern users, Albar is a good choice which comes with excellent features. Using this theme, you can be creative an …. Read full review
  44. 46

    Magazine Style Theme


    The key area which Magazine Style theme targets is a proper blog structure which can offer a magazine-like a feel. The interface is simple to setup and doesn’t require …. Read full review

  45. 47

    AcmeBlog Theme


    The design of a magazine is the primary attraction and the UI offered by AcmeBlog is none less than a premium theme. It looks unique, elegant, and is easy for the eyes t …. Read full review

  46. 48

    Resonar Theme


    This one is a one-liner! The theme is perfect for running a blog for a restaurant or by a foodie. And, to deliver a great viewing pleasure, the theme allows putting a cu …. Read full review

  47. 49

    iTek Theme

    iTek Can be likened to a Swiss Army knife for Woocomerce themes in the sense that it allows you to create a beautiful e-commerce store and also have a fantastic blog and customizable homepage. The hom …. Read full review
  48. 50

    Accesspress Lite Theme

    It’s an extremely simple theme with very elegant UI and very specific features which are all required for this specific niche. It comes with a responsive layout and offers extremely minimal UI. Few …. Read full review
  49. 51

    Tulip theme

    It’s amazing to see how innovativeness has been incorporated into modern WordPress personal blog themes. Tulip is a highly creative, dynamic, attract …. Read full review
  50. 52

    Activello Theme

    Activello scores impressively when measured in terms of convenience and flexibility. This theme has all the qualities a user would want their theme to have. The clean design of the theme, friendly use …. Read full review
  51. 53

    Forceful Lite Theme

    The first thing that everyone is always looking out for in a theme is to find one that has rich features. Forceful Lite is a simple theme with many features clustered in a single page yet it has a bea …. Read full review
  52. 54


    Unconditional is a free multi-purpose WordPress theme. On the homepage, there’s a great call To Action button to help drive your visitors in the right direction whether that’s to learn more or to make …. Read full review
  53. 55

    ePix Theme

    Whenever you’re thinking of opening a photography site, you need to pick a theme that represents your art in the best way possible. In this case, stellar design and a coordinated implementation stra …. Read full review
  54. 56

    ColorMag Theme

    If you’ve been looking for an impressive WordPress magazine theme to bring your projects to life, Colormag is the best choice given the fact it is still relatively new on the market but has …. Read full review
  55. 57

    Digital Theme


    If you were looking for a product that can handle e-commerce too, then welcome our next option. …. Read full review

  56. 58

    PHLOX Theme

    Phlox WordPress theme is the most powerful and stylish WordPress theme in the market. It is an amazingly versatile, modern, sleek, beautiful, clean, fast and flexible FREE WordPress theme. Also, Phlo …. Read full review
  57. 59

    The Voux

    A highly-responsive WordPress theme, visually appealing and comprehensive, used mostly for magazines. All of the pages can b …. Read full review
  58. 60

    Our Band Theme


    Moving to our next theme, OUR BAND can be a good choice, considering the number of layouts it offers. The package brings support for a dedicated blog, or a simple one-pa …. Read full review

  59. 61

    Photography Theme

    Here is a free photography WordPress theme that is meant for photographers, who want to feature large images on their websites. This photography theme is easy to customize and setup, with gallery opti …. Read full review
  60. 62

    Freedom Theme


    This theme is a clear example of ‘simplicity at its best.’ It comes with customization options which are compatible with WordPress native Live Customizer and is extr …. Read full review