Best software chosen by business owners

WordPress is the best tool to start with, as its simple to learn, yet powerful to create any website. And, then you need to pick a dedicated theme for this specific niche.

I guess you just started the journey, so picking up a free theme will make more sense now. So, the following are the best free WordPress Photography themes.

Let’s begin with the compilation and see if we can find a perfect match for you. Shall we?


If this is what your plan, then you need to have a proper website, as it’s a modern way to interact with your followers, or to gain hundreds.

  1. 1

    Viral Mag Lite

    Viral Mag lite is a WordPress theme focused on boosting your website traffic and revenue. The site layout is built to help your post go viral, and it also maximizes your click through rate thus increa …. Read full review
  2. 2

    Franklin Theme

    It’s yet another superb theme; it gets the attention of its users ever since its introduction back in 2014. The huge downloading record of the theme, tells the story of its success itself. It focuse …. Read full review
  3. 3

    RokoPhoto Lite


    My first recommendation is a product from a well-known theme developer, ThemeIsle, which clearly m …. Read full review

  4. 4

    Fukasawa Theme


    It’s my second favorite personal photography blog theme, which is, of course, available without any price tag, and that too in the official WordPress theme center. It …. Read full review

  5. 5

    SKT Photo Session Theme

    Studios and photographers require a good theme that can clearly highlight their portfolios. SKT Photo session has a highly responsive interface that enables users to view your images both on the compu …. Read full review
  6. 6

    ePix Theme

    Whenever you’re thinking of opening a photography site, you need to pick a theme that represents your art in the best way possible. In this case, stellar design and a coordinated implementation stra …. Read full review
  7. 7

    Freedom Theme


    This theme is a clear example of ‘simplicity at its best.’ It comes with customization options which are compatible with WordPress native Live Customizer and is extr …. Read full review

  8. 8

    SKT Photo World Theme


    If sharing stories aren’t your plan and wish to focus on images only, then have a look at our next offering. It is available at the official WordPress theme center and …. Read full review

  9. 9

    Satu Theme


    We all understand the importance of traffic from mobile devices, and to make the best out of it, we have to ensure proper compatibility of the website for mobile devices …. Read full review

  10. 10

    Fullscreen Theme


    The best use of Fullscreen named theme from GraphPaperPress is for photography niche. It can be used for other multimedia powered blogs or websites too. The main attract …. Read full review

  11. 11

    Divina theme


    This is the final recommendation from my side, which comes with a unique layout than the above mentions. It fits best for any Read full review

  12. 12

    Axis Theme


    This one is another theme for portfolio niche which can be used for any kind of subject. It comes with custom menus, custom taxonomies, featured thumbnails, and full-wid …. Read full review

  13. 13

    SKT Full Width Theme


    Simplicity is the prime suit of this theme as it looks not just simple, but also holds a lot of easy to interact elements which increase the user experience by a noticea …. Read full review

  14. 14

    Panaroma Theme


    It’s a theme with a unique layout and it is ready to be used for multiple niches, including our Church one. It comes with five different slides, arranged vertically an …. Read full review

  15. 15

    Sauron Theme


    Our next pick is ready for multiple niches as it targets business profile, portfolio, online non-profile profiles, and even run a blog for personal or Read full review

  16. 16

    Phogra Theme


    A perfect portfolio is one that makes everyone visiting your website to …. Read full review

  17. 17

    Bravo Theme

    Bravo is a great template for marketers, bloggers, and creative individuals. It features a site-wide call to action which you can use to drive up your subscription, popular post and more. The design o …. Read full review
  18. 18

    Travelify Theme


    If traveling is the real niche you’re targeting, then have a look at my next recommendation. This theme comes with a flat and responsive design which is also Retina di …. Read full review

  19. 19

    CRAWFORD Theme

    Crawford is one of the best minimalistic free WordPress themes available to download. Perfect for personal bloggers, foodies or photographers thanks to the elegant display of the big beautiful feature …. Read full review
  20. 20

    Woodley Theme

    It’s another top theme from our list of themes For Writers; it’s resembled default 2015 WordPress, a well-liked and widely recogn …. Read full review
  21. 21

    Griffin Theme

    If you want to create a magazine base or a viral website, then Griffin is the template for you. It comes with a grid base design similar to Pinterest and is one of our most popular theme to date. And …. Read full review