Looking for the best free WordPress theme?

That\’s responsive, fast loading and suitable for your business?

Great, because today I will be presenting to you the biggest and best collection of the most impressive themes you will ever come across. 

The best part is that it doesn\’t cost an arm and a leg.

A startup has a limited budget and for a modern new business, having a website is necessary. If you know your way around WordPress, then you can save hundreds of dollars which you otherwise have to invest in the website development.

Note: The themes mentioned below only works with the self-hosted version of WordPress which means you will require your own domain WordPress web hosting. For this, I recommend SiteGround to host your site for as little as $3.95 you get FREE SSL, Free domain & support.

All you need is a WordPress setup and then a niche business theme to give the website a proper look. To help you find the best theme, I’m sharing this compilation over here.

When it comes to running an online business having a professional website that makes the right first user\’s impression is critical. Thankfully in these modern times, we don\’t have to spend arm and leg to have a professional looking website. That brings me to the point why you\’re here in the first place which is the find the best free WordPress theme for your company. For those of you that are in a rush, I have selected the five templates I would most recommend. Check this out:
ThemeType:FeaturesEase of useSpeedMobile-friendly?
UnconditionalMultipurpose4 Star Rating4.7 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating
Zerif LiteMultipurpose4.2 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating
ConiMultipurpose4.2 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating4.2 Star Rating
Pixova LiteMultipurpose4.5 Star Rating4.6 Star Rating4.2 Star Rating
SydneyMultipurpose4.4 Star Rating4.6 Star Rating3.9 Star Rating
Want the full list? Keep reading… I\’ve been that working with WordPress for several years now and I must have reviewed thousands of WordPress themes. The collection in which your viewing today is an accumulation of My Years of expertise within this industry, and I\’m here to recommend only the top percent of the best WP templates on the market chosen above thousands of contenders.
  • Advantages of Free WordPress Themes
There are numerous advantages of choosing a free WordPress theme over one that is paid.  The first one being you might have guessed it, it\’s free and cost you nothing so you can quickly set up a website that looks professional.  There are many free themes out there that are backed by a passionate community who are committed to improving the theme and contributing their ideas.
  • Disadvantages of Free WordPress Themes
The disadvantage to a free WordPress theme would be that no guarantee of a future update(the same can be said for paid).  The theme developers are not obliged to provide support.  Depending on where you\’re downloading your template from it could be riddled with bugs and viruses.  However, the ones that we recommend are free from any malicious coding.
  • How to Check Your WordPress Themes for Potentially Malicious Code
So how can you further protect your website and check that the theme you\’re using doesn\’t have any malicious code in embedded in it? In a moment I\’m going to recommend a few plugins in which you can use the check the quality of cording and that particular theme you can also check for any unknown viruses. Wordfence security I would recommend using Wordfence security it\’s used by over a million users worldwide. And it can scan your website, secure your firewall, protect your login and find any hidden malware and much more. Theme Check It’s also worth installing theme check just to view the quality of the coding on any particular theme you\’re considering or currently using. To get accepted in the official wordpress.org theme directory, all themes are checked by this plugin, to begin with, and then manually check by a theme reviewer. So you\’re able to get actionable insights on coding improvement but might need to be carried out on your chosen theme.
  • What type of things am I looking for in a good WP template?
For a theme to get listed here, it first has to be fully responsive meaning you can create a website that looks good and flows seamlessly across the various types of devices. I\’m also looking for the customized ability of the template as I personally don\’t want you to have your website looking like the thousands of other WordPress users that\’re currently using the same theme. My aim here is to give you a little bit of an edge to help you stand out from the millions if not billions of websites on the web.
All the templates mentioned here are from trusted and reputable theme authors, so you need not worry about junk coding or spammy footer links. So without further ado let\’s have a look at the best free WordPress themes for businesses.
  1. 1
  2. 2


    Unconditional is a free multi-purpose WordPress theme. On the homepage, there’s a great call To Action button to help drive your visitors in the right direction whether that’s to learn more or to make …. Read full review
  3. 3

    Business One Page


    The first entry is from the popular picks at none other than the WordPress Theme repository itself. This free theme which looks premium from every angle comes with tons …. Read full review

  4. 4

    Nirvana Theme

    This beautiful WordPress theme could be a great choice for developing personal or professional websites. The highly customizable theme comes with more than 200 theme options to help you personalize th …. Read full review
  5. 5

    Coral Drive


    It’s a free responsive business specific theme which follows all SEO norms to ensure the content is liked by Google and other search engines. It packs special features …. Read full review

  6. 6

    Auberge Theme

    It’s a one-page theme that comes with support for Retina display devices and other smartphones and tablets. It uses Schema.org markups and even packs the Hook Alliance action hooks. It is compatible …. Read full review
  7. 7


    Everly is a brilliant WordPress theme, perfect for bloggers or those wanting to create an online magazine. This theme as been crafted with care which can be seen by how well the typography compliment …. Read full review
  8. 8

    Dazzling Theme

    When a free WooCommerce support and additional benefits like SEO-ready, responsiveness, and a great Bootstrap 3 framework comes in mind, then nothing flashes my mind then the great Dazzling WP theme f …. Read full review
  9. 9



    I know it a colorful and graphic-rich content era but, black and white design frames are still holding their ground. Ryan is a theme which uses black and white design, s …. Read full review

  10. 10

    VMag Theme

    VMag features an attractive, modern design that is perfect for creating news, magazine, blog, or any content-based website. The strategic use of inviting colors, large images, and bold typography will …. Read full review
  11. 11

    Free Business Theme Responsive


    Theme highlights:

    • Theme Options to help you customize the look and feel of your website.
    • Menus Capability, allowing users to e …. Read full review
  12. 12

    MediaPhase Theme


    It’s the last recommendation theme in this list, and it comes with a premium UI, delivering an elegant look and feel. It’s a multipurpose ready theme which comes wit …. Read full review

  13. 13



    This one is a perfect fit for the specific niche we’re looking at and it can also be used for sharing a portfolio or running a dedicated blog. The layout is kept respo …. Read full review

  14. 14

    Seasonal Theme


    It’s not a theme to run a business website, rather it’s specially designed to meet the blogging platform’s requirements. It uses responsive layout, and follow almo …. Read full review

  15. 15



    Astrid is a premium theme which is available without any price tag and it is perfect for running a business niche website. It comes with the famous 5 minutes setup, requ …. Read full review

  16. 16

    Radiate Theme

    Your personal blogging can go a notch higher if you choose Radiate, a powerful theme designed exclusively to meet the needs of bloggers. Released in February 2014 by ThemeGrill, the theme is an instan …. Read full review
  17. 17



    The translation is the superpower of CorporateBusiness free theme which you can get straight from the official WordPress’s theme repository. It is available in almost …. Read full review

  18. 18

    Swift Theme

    Swift themes along with the Genesis theme framework and the thesis framework where one of the early WordPress themes to be SEO friendly. In short, this means that instead of the standard page title th …. Read full review
  19. 19

    Business Card


    Business Card theme is built using the famous Bootstrap framework, offering a rigid secure base and totally modern layout at the front. The header area holds logo with n …. Read full review

  20. 20

    Total Theme

    Featuring a clean, simple design, Total offers a complete solution for creating different types of websites from personal to corporate or business. You can use the theme to create both one-page or reg …. Read full review
  21. 21

    Simple Business WP


    With premium features like FontAwesome Icons, Google Fonts, and few more, Simple Business WP makes a decent offering among the free themes at the official WordPress re …. Read full review

  22. 22

    Gateway Theme

    Gateway is developed on Foundation and Underscores, two of the most popular theme frameworks for WordPress. As a result, your website will offer a smooth user experience for the visitors. You can use …. Read full review
  23. 23



    Ever heard about Automattic? It’s a parent company of WordPress, and if you get a free product from the same, then nothing can beat this chance. It’s a Read full review

  24. 24

    Ascent Theme


    If you’re looking to run a featured blog which also shares the primary details about your business or company, then Ascent should be your pick. It integrates both, a b …. Read full review

  25. 25

    Zerif Lite


    If you’ve been around WordPress for, at least, a couple of months, then you must have passed through the Zerif Lite theme. It’s among the top 10 free themes at the …. Read full review

  26. 26

    Parallax One Theme


    ThemeIsle is a known developer and it’s a free product from the same. It offers a one-page layout with stunning visuals which are even ready to work on smartphones and …. Read full review

  27. 27

    West Theme

    West is the free modern WordPress theme that is perfect for business owners and creative owners alike. It features a floating menu which allows users to navigate easily to relevant sections within you …. Read full review
  28. 28

    Brasserie Theme


    It’s a full-width theme that offers a responsive layout, offering a blog specific perfection. It supports translation with the support for RTL languages. A dedicated T …. Read full review

  29. 29

    Customizr Theme

    Customizer is another excellent multi-purpose WordPress theme which should be great for helping you create your online community with bbPress. With well over million downloads it’s fair to say that …. Read full review
  30. 30

    GADGETRY Theme


    ThemeFuse is a known developer and surprisingly, Gadgetry is available without any price tag. It can be used to run a fully functional blog or a small size magazine. All …. Read full review

  31. 31

    Pixova Lite Theme



    If you’re looking for a free one page WordPress theme for your business that’s also built on the bootstrap framework, then Pixova could be the theme for …. Read full review
  32. 32

    Constructzine Theme


    If you’re a fan of ThemeIsle products, then here is your best pick. It comes with a proper look for our specific niche with its prime focus on bringing better conversi …. Read full review

  33. 33

    Llorix One Lite Theme


    The first recommendation product from my side is meant to be used for creating a single page busi …. Read full review

  34. 34
    top-5-free-wordpress-themes-in-2015-i am one

    I Am One Theme

    I Am One gives your website a unique perspective that is fully compatible with the most new web trends of the day. The most noticeable side of this theme is the presentation of a full-width image with …. Read full review
  35. 35

    Regina Lite Theme

    Regina Lite is a free WordPress theme and at those in the medical field such as doctors, dental practice and other health related website. On the homepage, there\’s important information displayed suc …. Read full review
  36. 36

    Lawyeria Lite Theme

    This is a theme which is so neatly designed and integrated with so good a functions that one should not miss it altogether if they represent a legal office. The sections are so beautifully organized t …. Read full review
  37. 37

    Enigma Theme


    Enigma is a theme developed using the BootStrap framework and it comes with dozens of options which are always a surprise, considering its available for free. The theme …. Read full review

  38. 38

    Spacious Theme

    The multi-purpose Spacious theme should be one of your top choices for developing corporate, business, or personal websites. The professional design helps you to put the primary focus on your services …. Read full review
  39. 39

    Farben Theme


    It’s an extremely creative theme, thanks to the UI it offers. The visual elements are simply unique and top-notch and the theme still manages to stay on the lighter si …. Read full review

  40. 40

    Pinnacle Theme

    Coming from Kadence themes, Pinnacle is a flat WordPress theme with multi-purpose opportunities. You can use the theme to create corporate, business, personal, portfolio, or e-commerce sites. The full …. Read full review
  41. 41

    Accesspress Lite Theme

    It’s an extremely simple theme with very elegant UI and very specific features which are all required for this specific niche. It comes with a responsive layout and offers extremely minimal UI. Few …. Read full review
  42. 42

    Bento Theme

    Bento is a premium quality theme that is available for free. The advanced features of this theme enables you to create different types of websites. You can get started with the built-in page templates …. Read full review
  43. 43

    Illdy Theme


    It’s a free product from colorlib, an expert developer in the WordPress realm and it can be used to run a business website, where you can share portfolio, testimonials …. Read full review

  44. 44

    Charmed Theme

    Having a portfolio site is a must for any professional. If you are an artist, designer, photographer, freelance worker, creative agency, or in a similar profession, Charmed will be one of the best cho …. Read full review
  45. 45

    Business Elite Theme


    It’s one of the elegant and unique looking theme which supports the maximum of the SEO norms and also uses parallax scrolling effects to woo further the visitors. It s …. Read full review

  46. 46

    JustWrite Theme

    The name clearly indicates that JustWrite is an especially developed theme for writers, journalists, and other similar professions. The professionally designed homepage includes 10 different sections. …. Read full review