Thankfully you don’t have to try a lot of things, to monetize your blog in the best way. There are already a lot of presets available which anyone can follow and get the best results. Google itself offers such online resources.

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But to get those strategies into the right act, you need to have a theme with compatible infrastructure. It should have proper spaces for advertisements and related tools.

Yes, such themes are available, and here I’m sharing a compilation of best free AdSense WordPress themes.

To kick things Off here is my top recommendation:

ThemeType:FeaturesEase of useSpeedMobile-friendly?
Viral MagMagazine4.5 Star Rating5 Star Rating4.9 Star Rating


Magazine4.5 Star Rating5 Star Rating4.9 Star Rating
FranklinMagazine4 Star Rating5 Star Rating4.9 Star Rating


Magazine4.9 Star Rating5 Star Rating4.9 Star Rating
GriffinMagazine4.3 Star Rating5 Star Rating4.9 Star Rating

Scroll down to see the runner ups.

Most of the premium themes already have these specializations for AdSense, but it’s not the case with most of the free ones.

So, the following are the best you can begin with!

  1. 2

    Griffin Theme

    If you want to create a magazine base or a viral website, then Griffin is the template for you. It comes with a grid base design similar to Pinterest and is one of our most popular theme to date. And …. Read full review
  2. 3

    Finch Theme

    Finch is one of our most popular WordPress theme to date and for good reasons too. Like all themes created by us, it’s super fast, search engine ready and approved by the guys at To get …. Read full review
  3. 4

    Accesspress Lite Theme

    It’s an extremely simple theme with very elegant UI and very specific features which are all required for this specific niche. It comes with a responsive layout and offers extremely minimal UI. Few …. Read full review
  4. 5

    SuperAds Lite Theme


    If you wish to run an experiment, putting a lot of advertisements onboard, then going with SuperAds Lite is the safest bet I can recommend right now. It comes with speci …. Read full review

  5. 6

    Bravo Theme

    Bravo is a great template for marketers, bloggers, and creative individuals. It features a site-wide call to action which you can use to drive up your subscription, popular post and more. The design o …. Read full review
  6. 7

    Digital Theme


    If you were looking for a product that can handle e-commerce too, then welcome our next option. …. Read full review

  7. 8

    Woodley Theme

    It’s another top theme from our list of themes For Writers; it’s resembled default 2015 WordPress, a well-liked and widely recogn …. Read full review
  8. 9

    Franklin Theme

    It’s yet another superb theme; it gets the attention of its users ever since its introduction back in 2014. The huge downloading record of the theme, tells the story of its success itself. It focuse …. Read full review
  9. 10

    Point Theme


    It’s one of the safest product to choose in this compilation because of two reasons. First, it’s a free product from a known and highly passionate developer, MyTheme …. Read full review

  10. 11

    Centilium Theme


    It’s a free product developed over BootStrap framework, which makes sure that the theme is …. Read full review

  11. 12

    CRAWFORD Theme

    Crawford is one of the best minimalistic free WordPress themes available to download. Perfect for personal bloggers, foodies or photographers thanks to the elegant display of the big beautiful feature …. Read full review
  12. 13

    ProMax Theme


    If you prefer a grid layout at the homepage, then check out the demo of ProMax theme. It is optimized for both SEO norms and AdSense and other advertisement platforms an …. Read full review

  13. 14

    SuperMag Theme

    As you can guess from the name, SuperMag is a dedicated WordPress theme for creating magazine, news, and blog sites. The customizable homepage is built with various widgets, which means you can choose …. Read full review
  14. 15

    Dazzling Theme

    When a free WooCommerce support and additional benefits like SEO-ready, responsiveness, and a great Bootstrap 3 framework comes in mind, then nothing flashes my mind then the great Dazzling WP theme f …. Read full review
  15. 16

    Basic Theme

    Basic is the word suggest is a simple WordPress theme built on the Bootstrap framework it’s super simple to navigate, and the set-up process is also easy. There’s nothing out of the ordinary here with …. Read full review
  16. 17

    RedWaves Lite Theme


    It’s a theme which uses a minimal layout, ensuring top-notch performance in almost every case. The theme is responsive to ensure proper functioning of mobile devices, …. Read full review

  17. 18

    Sparkling Theme


    This particular theme is developed using a BootStrap framework which offers its tough securi …. Read full review

  18. 19

    PlayBook Theme


    It’s another product from MyThemeShop, and it’s developed using HTML5 and CSS3, the two very modern web programming language to ensure its compatibility for modern a …. Read full review