We all follow certain websites and magazines (or blogs). Not only because of their content, but also because how great they look.

Personally, I never stopped dreaming about owning one such website or blog. If you are like me, then here I’m sharing something today, that can help you make that dream come live.

Here are the best clone WordPress themes which are just like popular websites like Buzzfeed, Groupon, Fiverr and so on. These themes not just look similar, but also possess similar functionalities to deliver the complete package.

Let’s start with the compilation now, and see if it helps you or not.

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    Crunchtech Theme

    Crunchtech is specially designed to create tech magazine sites for publishing news, in-depth reviews, and other contents. The modern, trendy homepage design is bound to draw the attention of your visi …. Read full review
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    Freelancer is a known name in the outsourcing business and here is a premium theme by EngineThemes offering a similar layout and set of functionalities. It’s your very …. Read full review

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    ViralMag Theme

    Viral Mag could be your best choice for creating highly popular fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, beauty sites and get a huge amount of traffic from search and social media. As it comes with a flexib …. Read full review
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    Pricerr Theme


    Fiverr is a known platform to post and find macro jobs. If you have a similar plan, then check ou …. Read full review

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    Mashup Theme

    Tech news and review sites are a special type of website that has some specific requirements. If you are thinking about creating such a website, Mashup should be one of your top choices. The professio …. Read full review
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    Bimber Theme

    Bimber is said to be a viral magazine aimed at those wanting to gain massive traffic from social media. Everything about this theme is geared towards getting the maximum amount of pages and allowing y …. Read full review
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    Distractifymag Theme

    Here’s another viral magazine theme that could be an excellent choice for creating your next viral website. Distractifymag comes with multiple menu locations so that you can show different menus on …. Read full review
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    Buzzmag Theme

    BuzzFeed has created a trendy design for viral websites. If you want to develop the same type of website on any topic, you can choose the aptly named Buzzmag theme. It features a professionally design …. Read full review
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    Richest Theme

    Developing a lifestyle magazine website could be a profitable business idea. The first step in creating such a website is to choose a suitable theme like Richest. The high-quality theme could also be …. Read full review
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    Pixel Block Theme

    Still looking for a theme suitable for your blog, magazine, or other content-heavy websites? Look no further as Pixel Block is the type of theme you are looking for. Feature two of your most popular p …. Read full review
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    penny auction theme

    Penny Auction Theme

    This theme is a SiteMile product which has splendid features and functionalities that will simplify the process of setting up online auction platforms. The layout of this theme provides the perfect st …. Read full review
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    Pinfinity is a unique and captivating theme that appeals to your visitors because of the high levels of creativity applied when designing the user interface.  This is an awesome th …. Read full review

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    Social MarketPlace Theme

    Social marketplace as the name suggests is a BuddyPress theme built for anyone wanting to create a marketplace similar to Etsy or eBay. It’s developed in conjunction with Woocommerce and WC vendor whi …. Read full review
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    Entrep Theme

    The clean, organized design of Entrep is most suitable for developing image-heavy multimedia sites. When using this theme, large images will take up the most space on your website. There are several s …. Read full review
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    OneSocial Theme


    Remember our first pick? This OneSocial theme is from the same developer and it does include a similar set of features, which is itself a proud thing. The theme allows p …. Read full review

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    Pinstagram has been the webmaster’s favorites for years and as continue to stand the test of time thanks to regular updates and improvement. It’s Pinterest inspired WordPress theme with the trademark …. Read full review
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    Tribune Theme

    It is important to choose an SEO WordPress Theme that will be instrumental in promoting your site rankings. An elegantly designed website is the dream of any business, blogger or creative artist who w …. Read full review
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    Steam Theme


    I’ve been following TheVerge since it was in Beta mode and have never stopped following their work. If I were set to create another magazine, which looks just like The …. Read full review

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    Viral Mag Lite

    Viral Mag lite is a WordPress theme focused on boosting your website traffic and revenue. The site layout is built to help your post go viral, and it also maximizes your click through rate thus increa …. Read full review
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    Huffington post Theme


    We all know how simple, yet interactive the website of Huffington post and other newspaper agencies look. If you’ve wished to copy their design and offer your visitors …. Read full review