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6 Blogger Outreach Tools (2018 Compared by Actual Users!)

A comprehensive list of 6 Blogger Outreach Tools (2018 Compared by Actual Users!) according to 23 users.
With 6 options to consider you are sure to find the right one for you.

  • 5 December 2018
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  • 23 Contributors
Finding the right blogger outreach tool can completely change how you connect with other bloggers and influencers. Blogger outreach is a popular technique that can improve your online presence and also let you get high-quality backlinks. In today’s topic, we will be going through the best blogger outreach tool that will let you implement an outreach strategy that works. These tools will help you get connected with the top influencers and improve your marketing campaign significantly. Before we get started, let’s look at the things to consider before you choose the best blogger outreach tool. #Things to consider
  1. Ease of use: Any tool should be easy-to-use. For blogger outreach tool, you should be able to navigate through the tool easily. Also, the features should be accessible without the need to Google everytime.
  2. Personalized messages: The tool that you choose should have the ability to have personalized messages. These personalized messages will let you connect with the influencer.
  3. Automation: As much as personalized messages are important, automation also plays a crucial role in ensuring that you stay productive. Automation also ensures a high click-through rate, open rate, and reply rate.
  4. Email Finder Feature: The outreach tool should have the feature to find the email when a specific domain is searched.
5. Proper integration: The tool should also be able to integrate with your other marketing tool and your blogging platform.

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LETS HAVE A LOOK AT 6 Blogger Outreach Tools (2018 Compared by Actual Users!)

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Ninja Outreach
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Ninja Outreach is an all-in-one software as it offers both outreach solution and influencer marketing It lets you reach … Read full review

Key Features :

  • • Unlimited Emails
  • • Tracking & Reporting
  • • Customizable Templates
  • • Email Scheduling
  • • Contact List Import
  • • List Segmentation

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1Ninja Outreach3.9/552Subscription

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