Looking for a WordPress social media plugin?

Great because today I will the sharing the best social media plugins for WordPress,

that you can implement on your site both free and paid.

We have searched the web for the best plugins to maximize your social presence.

There’s, hundreds of plugins that do a similar job so here’s the deal:

For your convenience, let’s start with my top recommendation to exposed your social traffic.

PluginFeaturesEase of useWorks with current theme?Mobile-friendly?
Monarch5 Star Rating4.8 Star Rating

Easy Social Share Buttons

5 Star Rating4.1 Star Rating
Click to Tweet3 Star Rating4.9 Star Rating
Social Media Share Buttons3.7 Star Rating4.9 Star Rating
Shareaholic3.7 Star Rating4.9 Star Rating

Still want more? No problem here are the runner ups.

It’s also wise to select a plugin that not only allows sharing of your posts but comprehensively integrates with social media platforms to enhance professional social media management.

Over 50 popular social media plugins that you can use to ensure your site enjoys the full benefits of social media management. The plugins discussed here are well designed, simple to use and come with a user-friendly dashboard that you can learn to use within a short period.

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    This is a famous WordPress Social Media plugin that helps you to manage effectively and keep an eye on all your social media engagements via an excellent looking grid layout. When using Flow-Flow, you …. Read full review
  3. 3

    Social Warfare

    Warfare is a powerful WordPress social media plug-in that allows you to customize the look and feel of your social sharing buttons. It also gives you the ability to track the clicks t …. Read full review
  4. 4

    Sossy Plugin

    Having unlimited social profiles on a site is always a challenge for many site owners. Using this plugin, you can add unlimited Social Profiles as well as a Social Counter. Sossy allows you to customi …. Read full review
  5. 5


    Choosing the best social plugin that yields visible results is something that excites many web designers. As a product of Hello Bar and SlideDeck, this plugin is multipurpose since it has a passport t …. Read full review
  6. 6

    DC Simple Share Buttons

    One of the biggest worries that web designers have about JavaScript is slow site loading time which can negatively affect website traffic. To avoid using JavaScript especially for buttons dedicated to …. Read full review
  7. 7

    OnePress Social Locker

    Those who’ve used OnePress Social Locker recommend it as one of the best social media plugins that never disappoint. A unique feature of this plugin is that allows you content locking and unlocking …. Read full review
  8. 8

    Social Media Feather

    If you’re looking for popular social media plugins, Social Media Feather is certainly a good option with millions of active users around the globe. A key feature of this plugin is it’s extremely l …. Read full review
  9. 9

    Social Buzz WordPress Plugin

    If you’re in the tech space, then it’s very likely that you’re familiar with sites like TechCrunch and Mashable. On Mashable post page you’ll see the social share count posted with a graph showing how …. Read full review
  10. 10

    Revive Old Post

    Revive social is WordPress plug-in which allows you to schedule your old post to be shared on your social network. It makes it possible to track every single click via a popular URL shortener service …. Read full review
  11. 11

    SocialFans Plugin

    Socialfans counter supports over 30 different social media networks built under Bootstrap framework version 3 it’s built ov …. Read full review
  12. 12



    What If I told you just now, that you can get the popular post functionality along with a bunch of other important ones too? If you’re interested in saving the total n …. Read full review

  13. 13

    Facebook Likebox Slider for WordPress

    If you wanted to update your readers on the various ongoing across different Social Media platform then this next plugin I’m about to recommend might just see what you’re looking for. Facebook Likebox …. Read full review
  14. 14

    WD Facebook feed

    WD Facebook feed allows you easily to import Facebook photos, videos, and event events or read update with the latest on goings. You have the option to import an unlimited amount of Facebook feeds fro …. Read full review
  15. 15

    Slick Social Share Buttons

    Many bloggers love Slick Social Sharing Buttons because this plugin is super simple to configure. If you’re a novice, it doesn’t take long before you find your way around, the settings are straigh …. Read full review
  16. 16

    Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

    With over 15000 purchases and counting Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress his hands down one of the most popular social media plug-ins out there. It comes jam packed with a ton of features to inc …. Read full review
  17. 17


    This is another free option which not only covers this related post thing but also offers a bunch of other social related thing which are required to be kept activated on every modern blog. Check out …. Read full review
  18. 18


    Customization is an important feature that users are keen on when selecting a social media plugin. Mashshare stands out because it allows site owners to link their platforms to major social media plat …. Read full review
  19. 19

    Share Plus

    Share Plus is another WordPress social media plugin to consider it allows you to display an array of social media sharing buttons. When a user meets certain conditions, such as if you scroll down the …. Read full review
  20. 20

    Tweetlab Plugin

    Tweetlabs allows you to display your Twitter feed but what makes this plug-in more special and unique is that it allows you to display tweets using a particular hashtag that you’ve chosen. This is gre …. Read full review
  21. 21

    Simple Share Buttons Adder


    Let’s start the compilation with a very lightweight plugin that simply adds a social sharing button to every post or page on your WordPress driven website. It is com …. Read full review

  22. 22

    CardZ Social Stream for WordPress

    CardZ is an exciting plugin designed to work with WordPress and enables you to put together all your social activities in a single location. If you’re keen on having a highly interactive page with a …. Read full review
  23. 23

    Share Buttons by AddThis


    AddThis is a known name in this particular niche and here is a free plugin from the same. It quickly adds a bar on blog posts and pages, consisting of social share icons …. Read full review

  24. 24

    WP Flat Social Profile Blocks

    WP Flat Social Profile Blocks allows you to display your social media profile along with the number of followers. You can drag and drop the social profile to help you quickly rearrange your business p …. Read full review
  25. 25

    Social Media and Share Icons


    This one is a free but a very popular plugin, which is always kept updated to stay compatible with the latest version of WordPress. The plugin has been launched in a new …. Read full review

  26. 26

    Exit Through Social Share

    Content promotion on social media is a key responsibility for every site owner. Regarding effectiveness, this plugin promotes your content because any clicks from users request them like your website …. Read full review
  27. 27

    Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar


    With the support for nine different social networks, it is another free plugin you can try. It is updated to work with the latest WordPress version and has a good number …. Read full review

  28. 28

    Sumome Share

    Throughout the years I always have heard a lot about Sumome but hadn’t tried it until a few months back it does exactly what it says on the tin it’s super easy to set up. And the floating admin bar at …. Read full review
  29. 29



    If you are looking for an additional feature than just social sharing, then have a look at this premium plugin. It is available at CodeCanyon platform, included with six …. Read full review

  30. 30

    Click to Tweet

    Click to Tweet is a commonly used social sharing plugin that enables Twitter users to tweet you directly. Once you’ve installed this plugin, your content can be tweeted from within a post; users are …. Read full review
  31. 31

    ShareThis Plugin

    ShareThis has been available for some time, and many love it because of its super fast loading time. ShareThis works flawlessly with over 120 social media platforms proving its capability as one of th …. Read full review
  32. 32

    Socializor Plugin

    Socializor Is a floating bar social sharing plug-in that also doubles up as an opt-in plug-in. You can use this plug-in as a stand-alone email optin bar similar to Hello Bar. You have the option to fl …. Read full review
  33. 33

    Digg Digg

    Web designers love Digg Digg because of its amazing capabilities. When looking for a social sharing tool, finding one that is simple yet effective is critical, Digg Digg is no doubt at the top when it …. Read full review